New Year, New Insights: Advanced Insights from Salesforce, Close CRM, and HubSpot.

New Year, New Insights: Advanced Insights from Salesforce, Close CRM, and HubSpot.

Happy New Year! To start the year we've got some big enhancements to Lexi, making it even easier to get the insights you need to quantify your capacity and resourcing, prevent unwanted attrition, and help your managers make data-driven decisions.

New Features

  • New synthetic insights available via Lexi when you have Hubspot, Close CRM or Salesforce connected. Lexi will stitch together your data to provide new insights like time from lead to closed won/lost, time to closed won/lost, opportunity amounts by employee or team.You can mix and match these insights into both the existing time series graphs and the new bar charts. Here's a taste:
Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 10.24.21 AM.png
image (17).png
Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 10.26.58 AM.png
  • Just a few of the new values you can query include: 'opportunities', 'sales opportunities', lead time to opportunity', 'time to close opportunity', 'time to win opportunity', 'time to win', 'time to won', 'time to close won', 'time to closed won', 'time to lost opportunity', 'time to lost', 'time to close lost', 'time to closed lost', 'opportunity amount', 'amount', 'dollar amount', 'opportunity amount won', 'amount won', 'dollar amount won', 'opportunity amount lost', 'amount lost', 'dollar amount lost'The beauty of these new insights is that as we continue to improve our models we will stitch together additional data from other non-CRM sources to show you opportunities that haven't been touched (as an example) even when your team isn't using their CRM to the fullest.
  • New Lexi Visualization: Bar Charts. Now you can compare multiple data points across your teams in an easy to read bar chart instead of the time series graphs (see the meetings invited feature below!). More visualizations coming soon!
  • Lexi now lets you exclude employees or teams from results - simply add excluding 'email' or 'excluding 'Team Name'. You can even combine several exclusions into a single statement with "and," for instance: show daily meetings scheduled excluding 'Engineering Team' and 'Customer Support Team'
  • Lexi now infers the time period you meant when asking it to compare previous periods: show daily call events by team compared to the previous two weeks
  • Lexi now understands "meetings invited" so you can compare how often your team is invited to meetings vs other productive work: show me a bar chart of meeting invited compared to meeting scheduled by employee since the last month
Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 4.25.48 PM.png


  • Hubspot aggregator was logging a lot of activity as the object owner not the activity doer
  • Slack conversations were not present in insights
  • Future events were always stuck at the top of the timeline
  • Grouping insights by month was failing
  • Errors in forms were always pushing appended icons down
  • KPI deltas For employees did not match team
  • Getting the top or bottom results of queries from Lexi was failing - now you can ask Lexi to: show me the top 3 employees by meeting invited

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