Now With More Graphs!

Now With More Graphs!

It's that time again - we've just rolled out a bunch of new updates to to help make it easier to get started and easier to dig into data about your team.

New Features:

  • Added Ability to Filter Both Employee and Team List
  • Added the ability to generate graphs from within Lexi (Insights)
  • Added the ability generate reports on a time series with a relative time (ex: "since January")
  • Added support for GitHub Issues within the GitHub Aggregator
  • Added support for more than one calendar in Office 365
  • Added support for catching closed Merge Requests in GitLab aggregator


  • Updated the Jira API Library to the latest version
  • Improved the error handling in HubSpot, Zendesk and Office 365 aggregators
  • Improved new customer onboarding experience within the application (particularly guidance around setting up integrations)
  • Improved validation of forms to prevent duplicate submissions
  • Improved the handling of natural language within Lexi

Stay tuned for new integrations coming in April like Zoom and Slack! Until then - good luck and we hope you're already better understanding your people.

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