Peoplelogic Employee Spotlight: Meet Filipe!

Peoplelogic Employee Spotlight: Meet Filipe!

Welcome to Peoplelogic’s monthly employee spotlight interview. Today, we are excited to introduce you to our Data Scientist, Filipe Manso. As a subject matter expert, Filipe understands business on a scientific level and is instrumental in building out Peoplelogic’s product. Throughout this interview, you will get to know Filipe on a more personal level and discover what makes him a crucial part of our team. Join us as we celebrate the extraordinary individuals who drive our company forward! 

Spotlight Q & A: 

Ashley: If you were to create a company tradition, what would it be and why? 

Filipe: If I had the opportunity to create a company tradition, I would organize a fun weekend getaway with my colleagues. To make it exciting, I would plan a scavenger hunt with clues and incorporate various activities around Portugal. We could explore the city together and end the day with a lively happy hour party. Of course, there would be plenty of delicious food and drinks, including steak (which happens to be Filipe's favorite) and some refreshing gin (or water for those who prefer it!). This would not only strengthen our team bonds but also give us a chance to spend time with people we don't interact with in person regularly. 

A: If you could have a lunch date with any historical figure, who would it be with and what would you talk about? 

F: If I had the chance for a lunch date with any historical figure, I wouldn't single out just one. In particular, I admire the contributions of many individuals like Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton, Tolkien, and many more. 

A: What's the most unexpected or unique hobby you have outside of work, and how does it contribute to your personal growth? 

F: One of my favorite hobbies outside of work is making origami. Crafting unique origami brings me a sense of patience and peace of mind and helps me prepare for whatever challenges come my way. 

A: What type of recognition and appreciation do you value most? 

F: I value Words of Affirmation the most. For example, I recently received kind words from an anonymous team member about my work in a public Slack channel (#Kudos), which made me happy and proud. 

A: What is the coolest or most unusual fact you know? 

F: I’m fascinated with weather forecasts. You see, when meteorologists provide a percentage chance of rain, it's not actually the probability of rain happening or not. It's the area of analysis where they determine if it could rain over a larger surface area. So, it's more about the values they show rather than the actual probability of rain. It's a fascinating insight into how weather forecasting works from a data perspective! 

A: What would your superpowers be and why did you choose them? 

F: I would choose flight and teleportation. Flying would allow me to be anywhere I want, exploring the world while experiencing unfamiliar places. Teleportation, on the other hand, would enable me to travel quickly and effortlessly, reaching distant destinations in an instant. The world is vast and full of wonders, and I don't want to limit myself to just my tiny town. I want to soar high and witness everything this incredible world has to offer! 

A: If you didn’t have to work, what would you do with your time? 

F: If I didn't have to work, I would spend my time traveling the world, immersing myself in diverse cultures. I've always had a deep fascination with Japan, so that would be my first destination. Their culture captivates me, especially their unique connection with mathematics, geometry, and precision, as well as their embracing of imperfections from a holistic perspective. Additionally, I would dedicate time to learning a new musical instrument. Lastly, I would prioritize working on personal projects that benefit both myself and my family, free from the pressures of money and time constraints. 

A: If you were to describe your work style as a type of music, what genre would it be and why? 

F: If I were to describe my work style as a type of music, it would vary depending on the situation. When I have a clear plan and know exactly what needs to be done, my work style is smooth like classical music. But when I feel pressure and need a boost of energy, I enjoy listening to Rock. Folk rock is my go-to genre most of the time, where I find myself singing and dancing while working, often standing up.

Honestly, I'm not well-versed in music styles; I simply enjoy how the music makes me feel. I believe in matching the music to fit my mood and work rhythm. I also love sending people Spotify playlists to brighten their day! And yes, I occasionally have impromptu dance sessions with my cats in the room. Each day brings different music, different dances, and a different joy with my feline companions. 

A: Can you share a memorable moment when you went above and beyond for a colleague or customer? 

F: While I don't have a specific instance in mind, going the extra mile is something I consider normal. If I notice an opportunity to help someone or witness something that I perceive as unfair, I'll step in, even if it means facing personal consequences. But let us be clear, I'm not claiming to be a saint! On a lighter note, I enjoy leaving little origami gifts for random people to find during my travels, whether it's in Bali, my hometown, or wherever I happen to be in the world. It's my way of spreading some joy and positivity, hoping to brighten someone's day with these random acts of kindness. 

A: If you could switch jobs with anyone in the company for a day, who would it be and why? 

F: If I had the opportunity to switch jobs with anyone in the company for a day, I would choose our CTO, Hernâni. But here's the catch - I would want to experience everything, not just the job itself. I would also need to possess his ability and knowledge to truly fulfill his role, which I’m working towards. Working alongside Hernâni has been an incredible privilege, as his mind and knowledge are truly astronomical, and I'm grateful for the chance to collaborate with him and continually learn from his expertise.  

A: If you could have a mentorship relationship with any industry leader, who would it be and why? 

F: I am fortunate to already have the mentorship that I desired, and that person is Hernani. From the moment I met Hernani, I knew I wanted to work with him and learn from him, and it has been an amazing experience. In the future, I may not know exactly who I would choose for another mentorship, but I would look for someone who can guide me in matters of the mind and way of living.

One aspect of Hernani's ability that I admire is how he structures our code to make it user-friendly, simplifying complex data in and outside of our work. Plus, he's genuinely a nice person to be around. In fact, Hernani was the primary reason I joined PL. When I received a tip to send my CV to him, I wasted no time in submitting my credentials. After meeting Hernani and Peoplelogic’s CEO, Matthew Schmidt, I was thrilled to be hired just a couple of weeks later. 


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