Preventing Burnout with Data

Preventing Burnout with Data

Over-worked and overloaded:

The VP of Product at a software company came to Peoplelogic looking for a solution to help her manage her team more effectively. She had hit her wits end and was completely blurring the lines of work and life, feeling burnt out.

She needed help, but didn’t want to overwhelm her team, nor did she want to mention to the rest of the executive team that she was having trouble performing at her best.

Managing individual and team goals:

Internally promoted and having been with the company for several years, this VP of Product was beloved by her team. She not only talked the talk but walked the walk. Filling the role of a player coach, she did not shy away from getting her hands dirty—but the team’s productivity was starting to suffer.

She needed help understanding what to delegate and how much work could spread across her team. As a manager, she was cognizant that she didn’t want to burn her team out either and needed a way to understand how to keep everyone fresh and engaged.  

Providing balance and an opportunity for growth:

While the VP of Product was worried about how her team would respond to her delegating more tasks more broadly across the team, that was a gut feeling—it wasn’t rooted in fact. Using the analytics that Peoplelogic provided—the VP of product was not only empowered to delegate more of the work across the team, but could quantify the performance and productivity of each of her team members.

A few weeks after deploying Peoplelogic, her team was right back to being a lean, mean, high-performing machine. In her weekly 1:1s, her team members shared that they were thrilled to have an opportunity to work on exciting projects that could help them grow, and much to her surprise, thrilled to have their recharged and energized team lead back to her old self.

What Peoplelogic Can Do for You:

As a Product and Engineer leader you’ve learned to master the art of creating workflows and processes, but do you know where your team is getting hung up? Peoplelogic ensures your engineers are following processes, identifies inefficiencies, and gives you automated recommendations to improve your team’s performance. With Peoplelogic:

  • Understand where processes are breaking down
  • View the progress of the entire team, no matter where they work
  • Protect development by receiving recommendations that enforce engineering best practices

If you're ready to make the jump to data-driven management, get started with Peoplelogic today.


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