Putting People First: Reimagining Performance Management

Putting People First: Reimagining Performance Management

General Product Vision Notes

Performance management needs evolution. After many conversations, we’ve discovered almost no one enjoys the performance processes at their company. Even when their teams are using the best available platforms. Most have simply accepted that performance management will almost always be distracting, time-consuming, and inconsequential.  

The pain points are clear. Performance management processes can be time-consuming. It takes time and effort away from core responsibilities. The effectiveness of these processes is often doubted. Talking about careers and end goals can cause anxiety and stress. Perceptions of inconsistency and unfairness can erode trust. The list goes on.

At Peoplelogic, we’re looking at performance holistically. We're looking to discover the unique relationships between employee performance, team performance, business performance, and industry performance. How does one affect the other? And how can combining the data from each uncover valuable insights and recommendations that are unavailable to most?

This is what's driving the Peoplelogic vision, and we’re excited about the progress we’ve been making in the employee and team performance management space.  

Product Updates & Public Roadmap

We’ve recently updated our product change log to show you what’s recently been released in the platform AND for the first time our product roadmap! This will include what we’re working on now, what we’re working on next, and what we’re planning to work on later. We invite our community to express their thoughts, opinions, and feedback on what we’re putting out there.

If you look at the page linked above, you’ll see that we will be focusing a lot of time and resources on new AI features. AI can help make performance management more clear, fair, and efficient when done correctly.

With AI Pulse Surveys, HRIS Integrations & Sync, AI Review Results, AI Survey Results, and AI Context Panels (review assistance), we believe we will:

  • Make it easier for HR Teams to stay organized & get actionable insights about what works and doesn’t work within their processes
  • Make documentation and performance note taking more seamless for both managers and employees
  • Easily translate that documentation into actionable insights and real-time performance indicators

We want it to take less time for users to get value from the platform and we believe the items in our roadmap will drive us to that goal. Platform usage data will play a large role in that, and we’ll talk about it a bit more in the next section.

Product Highlight: Private Notes

The 1:1 Meeting Notes section of the platform can help organize discussion points that cover OKR progress, IDP progress, and feedback/ action items.

Perhaps most importantly, the private notes section can help a user fill out evaluations or reviews more accurately and efficiently.  

The private notes section lives on an employee profile page as well. When you see or hear of something that should be documented for performance, whether it be around OKRs or more specific day to day work that can be leveraged in IDPs (skills, personal goals, development areas, etc.), this area can be great for providing specific examples when filling out reviews.

Continued documentation of feedback, praise, and surveys also provides relevant information and context available within the context panel when writing employee evaluations and reviews.

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