Releases and Updates - Summer 2021 Edition

Releases and Updates - Summer 2021  Edition

Summer 2021 is a pivotal time for companies as many are preparing to go back into the office, go all in on remote work, or find a happy hybrid medium. Whatever your team is choosing to focus on, it’s more important than ever to aggregate and make sense of the data your team is creating. Over here, the Peoplelogic team has created improved and more relevant recommendations to better equip your team for that road ahead.

We’ve been adding new integrations and enhancements around collecting and presenting your teams activity. That’s always been a priority for us, but looking ahead, we’re continuing to add more value to our customers through the updates below. We even upped our security by receiving our SOC 2 Type I Compliance. You'll find more info on all of these updates and more below

  • Manager interaction with a team member has lowered
  • You Have Hidden Influencers
  • Employee is disconnected from the rest of the team
Sample Peoplelogic recommendation

The recommendations above help your managers keep your employees engaged and motivated. With many of your team leaders continuously wearing multiple hats,it’s difficult to always keep your employees top of mind. These new recs help warn you when you’ve been too hands off and remind you to keep an engaged team. It even points out the employee influencers that you can enlist to help cultivate team engagement.

New Jira Recommendation

  • Spent vs Estimated Time (Jira)
  • Issue/Task/Card Has Had Its Due Date Changed Multiple Times
  • Issue Has Had Its Sprint Changed Multiple Times
High Impact Recommendation from Peoplelogic

Priority and Capacity Recommendations

Like the Jira updates above, there are several new recommendations that are focused on helping you better understand your team's current workload. Burnout has been at an all-time high for employees over the past year and we’re looking to help you measure the current capacity of your team. We are here to help you make sure your team does not get maxed out. These look for slow or blocked processes or rapid increases in historical activity that may indicate a new and unplanned priority:

  • Our New Recommendations:
  • Task Has Dependency That Is Blocking On Time Completion
  • Task Is Assigned That Is Blocking Other Team Members' Work
  • Team Is Potentially Over Capacity
  • Activity Spiked Compared To Historical Average

Finally, we have new enterprise grade features, integrations, and enhancements. All in the name of giving you better insights and understanding to the data your team is creating. We’re taking the extra steps to keep that data safe and increase the amount of relevancy to you across the board.

Enterprise Grade Features

  • Two-factor authentication enabled for all logins
  • SSO now supported for our Enterprise tier customers
  • Peoplelogic is now SOC2 Type I compliant

Our New Integrations

  • 8x8 Cloud Phone
  • Google Sheet Event Import
  • Added support for custom event types (including reporting in Lexi and in KPIs)

New Enhancements

  • Updated several recommendations to reduce their repetition (increased thresholds, uses historical average from employee, etc.)
  • Data from Slack is aggregating and available in Insights again
  • Onboarding: Dialog to guide new admins and managers through next steps has been re-enabled
  • Dramatically reduced the API calls required for Opportunity/Deal based recommendations
  • "Understand More" for recommendations now contains tables with data directly from sources, not just Lexi graphs

What’s Next

As always, we wanted to give a quick preview of what you can expect to see from us next. We’re always listening to customer feedback and working to improve the platform. You can find what we’re currently working towards below:

  • HubSpot Integration is getting a major update to catch more comprehensive and accurate data
  • Continued iteration on frequency of certain recommendations
  • Support for team hierarchies - more flexibility to map exactly how your organization is setup
  • Completely new onboarding process for new users - making it even easier to get started with Peoplelogic and learn something new in < 5 minutes

If you'd like to get more information on our upcoming features or ideas on how to leverage the ones above, reach out to your customer experience manager today!

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