Smart Scaling: Engineering Successful Outcomes

Smart Scaling: Engineering Successful Outcomes

Whether you're preparing to grow your engineering team or are in the midst of growth mode (i.e. you're reading this post in between interviews with potential technical leads) there's a lot to be said for scaling smartly so your team's productivity continues to climb and you hit your product launch goals. But what does smart scaling look like? Essentially, it's having the right tools and enough processes in place so that as you add team members they can come up to speed quickly and begin adding value. That means having everything from your version control system to your best practices implemented.

More importantly, it means that you as the engineering leader have to thoughtfully balance engaging with your team and coaching them with the multitude of other tasks on your plate. Here's the good news: has you covered on the managerial front and gives you more time back in your day by surfacing the insights you need when you need them. So you're not knee deep in source code tracking down bugs, but instead onboarding your new team members and enabling them to come up to speed on the platform quickly. Now that's smart scaling. Read on to see how our platform's insights and recommendations can support you as you go from startup to scale up.

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