Spring ‘23 Product Roadmap

Spring ‘23 Product Roadmap

We’re only a month into the new year, but the Peoplelogic team is in full stride towards our Spring Release. The next 3 months will bring several new features and improvements that will make the platform easier to use than ever before. But perhaps most importantly, our upgraded data quality and increased ability to connect to more tools will significantly increase the accuracy and understanding of what’s happening within your organization, thus improving your decision-making, planning, and leadership capabilities.  

Below are a few of our most exciting updates that will bring more value to our current and future customers. 

Connecting to More Tools! 

Our partnership with Merge.dev allows us to connect to more tools that your employees use. This will give us a broader understanding of the connection networks inside your organization or team, as well as a deeper picture of how work is getting done. This will increase our ability to weave together the insights from different tools into one view of your organizational health.  

More Data, Improved Data 

Improved aggregators will enable these tools to give us a deeper understanding and quality of the data. Not only will we receive more insights across your organization or team, but the quality level of each insight will be enhanced. This will provide more relevant actions to be taken from the information we display. Some of the new data we will provide includes: 

  • Sentiment Levels 
  • Stress Levels 
  • Complexity Levels 
  • Entity & Object Detection and more! 

The above prepares us for our most exciting improvement, the introduction of Signals. Signals will allow us to show more precisely where bottlenecks and factors of disengagement are forming and why (relation to entities).  

Clear and Expansive UX 

Our Stayfactor scores are measurements of engagement and burnout while our Organizational Network Analysis Graph is a representation of your organization’s communication and network. They’re our two most popular features. Now, you’ll be able to see insights around why the Graph and Stayfactor scores are moving.  

Our goal is for you to spend less time interpreting, and more time using that data to make better decisions.  

More for Your Managers 

As more customers’ managers are using the PL platform, we’re putting ourselves in their shoes. Our goal is to supply data backed insights that enable managers to improve their performance and engagement management. This is no small task. However, managers account for up to 70% of the variance in engagement levels, thus affecting performance, process, and more.  

Our new notification system through email and Slack will allow your managers to decide when and how much information they will receive. The most critical being data backed insights for team meetings, 1:1’s, performance management, and resource management. 

Additional Privacy Controls 

As we continue to develop separate roles, permissions, and privacy controls for your organization to use, your trust and safety are top of mind. Beyond always keeping up with updating compliance laws, we are making sure you have diverse options to keep and even build upon your team's trust while using Peoplelogic.  

We are not monitoring software and never will be. We are working to provide department, team, and employee levels of aggregated insights that help your people leaders and managers make better decisions while improving engagement and performance levels. 

Paving the way for organizational health!


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