Spring Release & Summer Roadmap 2023

Spring Release & Summer Roadmap 2023

And just like that, we’re almost halfway through Q2 and our Spring release is officially live! We spent the first 4 months of the year making some of the biggest improvements to our platform. We’re excited to continue to witness the value these updates provide for our current and future customers! 

NEW: Connecting to More Tools 

Our partnership with Merge.dev allows us to connect to more tools that your employees use. This Spring we focused on connecting more HRIS integrations, which includes automatic HR Roster Syncs to ensure continuously accurate data.  

This partnership will give us a broader understanding of the connection networks inside your organization or team, as well as a deeper picture of how work is getting done. It will also increase our ability to weave together the insights from different tools into one view of your organizational health. 

NEW: Engagement Categories and Subcategories  

Our patent-pending algorithms continuously combine factors of engagement and burnout into one score, StayFactor™. It combines activity levels, meeting durations, connectivity levels, work-life balance, tenure, and more. Now each score shows a breakdown of the above areas to highlight what's positively and negatively affecting the total StayFactor score.

Our goal is for you to spend less time interpreting, and more time using that data identify which areas of the employee experience are affecting engagement and performance.  

New: Additional Privacy Controls 

As we continue to develop separate roles, permissions, and privacy controls for your organization to use, your trust and safety are top of mind. Beyond always keeping up with updating compliance laws, we are making sure you have diverse options to keep and even build upon your team’s trust while using Peoplelogic. 

We are not monitoring software and never will be. We are working to provide department, team, and employee levels of aggregated insights that help your people leaders and managers make better decisions while improving engagement and performance levels. 

NEW: More Data, Improved Data  

Improved aggregators are beginning to give us higher quality data for deeper insights. Some of the new data will provide: 

  • Sentiment Levels 
  • Stress Levels 
  • Complexity Levels 
  • Entity & Object Detection and more! 

More on this in Summer ‘23 

New: Additional Enhancements 

  • Duplicate Insight Dashboards: It's easier than ever before to duplicate a report or dashboard.
  • Insight Dashboard Privacy: Now you can have greater control over who sees your dashboards. You can make them truly private or share with colleagues.
  • More Accurate Query Graphs: Improvements around how we display data on insights dashboards and through Lexi.
  • Custom KPI Entry: Events from custom integrations and Gsheet integrations can now be selected to show up on Department and Team KPIs.
  • More Recommendations on Home Page: Get a better snapshot of what's happening in your organization as soon as you log in.
  • StayFactor in Department and Teams List: When looking at the lists of departments and teams, you can see their trending StayFactor scores right in line.

Looking Ahead: Summer ‘23 Roadmap 

In summer, we will be focused on providing more context around the changes occurring in the data. You will see this through an increase in insights, visuals, as well as having more ways to get this information delivered to you.

Up Next: Deeper Insights & Recommendations 

We will be working to increase our library of insights and recommendations significantly. 

Up Next: StayFactor Heat Map 

A StayFactor Heat Map can show which employees, teams, and departments fall into which engagement categories at a quick glance. It can also provide an overview of how many are in each category (engaged, neutral, disengaged). 

Up Next: Email Summaries & Notifications 

Users can select weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly email summaries highlighting the top movers in engagement. They will also be able to sign up for email or Slack notifications for when a critical event or recommendation has surfaced. 

Up Next: Merge.dev Ticketing Integrations

Our partnership with Merge.dev allows us to connect to more tools that your employees use. This Summer will provide new and improved Ticketing integrations. Giving you deeper insights into tools like  Asana, Jira, Zendesk, and more!

Stay tuned for the official Summer Roadmap coming soon!


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