Summer Release & Winter Roadmap 2023

Summer Release & Winter Roadmap 2023

Like always, summer has come and gone too fast! We have spent the last 4 months making important updates and improvements to our products. We’re excited to continue providing even more value to our current and future customers!  



Our insights engine and natural language chat bot Lexi has received a major upgrade! Within each context (employee, team, reviews, development plans, slack messages, team's calls, etc.) - Lexi shows you the important information about your people.  

Fueled with the context of that moment’s work, in a way that helps not just the People team, but the managers and the employees speed their workflows and improve their employee experience. 

NEW: Zoom Phone Integration & Signals

Our first integration with our improved data (signals) is live! Zoom phone signals allow you to query for different types of calls, specific durations, and comparisons between calls. Get ready for more signals across our integrations coming soon!  Here are some example queries for Zoom Phone signals below.

Weekly Call Activity by Employee

Show me weekly call activity by employee starting May 1 2023

Weekly Calls by Status (or Raw Status)
Show me weekly calls by status over the past 60 days

Daily Calls: Longer than 1 Minute (and by Employee)
Show me daily calls where raw status is auto recorded and duration longer than 1 minute since the last 90 days

Weekly Inbound/Outbound Calls by Employee
Show me weekly inbound call activity by employee starting May 2023

Weekly Inbound vs Outbound Calls
Show me weekly inbound call activity vs outbound call activity starting june 2023

Zoom Meetings Attended vs Outbound Calls Made
Show me weekly meetings attended compared to outbound calls starting june 2023

Zoom Meetings Scheduled vs Inbound Calls Received
show me weekly meetings scheduled compared to inbound calls starting june 2023

New: Engagement Email Summaries  

Those who are leading teams can now get regular email summaries of Peoplelogic data including changes in StayFactor scores, Subcomponent score, and the employees or teams most at risk.  

Managers and Department heads can now see which employees or teams are decreasing in StayFactor and why.

For example, if you see two of your teams decreasing in the work-life balance category, you can easily click from the email to the team page to learn why.

You can also select the frequency of emails to hit your inbox on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis!

NEW: StayFactor Pie Chart

Now on the homepage, department pages, and team pages, there is the StayFactor pie chart that shows which categories employees are in, as well as their trending SF scores when scrolled over. This helps show what percentage of employees in the company, department, or team are in what SF category.

On the homepage StayFactor Pie Chart, you can now select between employees, teams, and departments to be represented in the pie chart.

This will help you show what percentage of employees, teams, or departments in the company are in what SF category straight from login. 

New: Ability to Delete Employee, Team, Department 

To help you maintain clean and accurate insights in the platform, you can now delete a deactivated employee, team, department from the platform. Some use cases are when an accidental duplicate made it's way into the platform or you're looking to clean up past historical data.

You can make the delete action from the employees, teams, or departments lists. 

Only admins will be able to see the delete function. 

New: Additional Enhancements  

  • OIR Engine: A lot of work has gone into getting the recommendation API ready for new observations, insights, and recommendations coming in the next months.
  • Improving HR Sync: There were multiple cleanups around StayFactor component pages and the HR Sync.   
  • More Accurate Visualizations: Removed and cleaned up data from Deactivated Users for more accurate query results, StayFactor scores, and ONA graphs.

Plus: We acquired people & performance platform, Plai!  

We’re super excited to have acquired Plai. This begins our suite of products for scaling companies. If you’re still using spreadsheets to track OKRs or Performance Reviews, you need Peoplelogic. Having your people and performance management processes all in one place will help you measure the effectiveness of them and drive towards improvement. 


Looking Ahead: Winter ‘23 Roadmap  

In Winter, we will be focused on providing more context around the changes occurring in your data. You will see this through an increase in insights, visuals, as well as having more ways to get this information delivered to you. 

Up Next: More Automatic Insights

We are working to increase our library of insights and recommendations significantly.  Especially for measuring changes in team behavior and performance.

Up Next: Continued Lexi Updates 

Continuing to increase the amount of events and data points to bring up through Lexi. We're also looking to increase our library of Lexi prompts and trainings.

Up Next: Integrations & Signals 

The team is building integrations to handle signals for Circle, Jira, and Peoplelogic!

Up Next: Peoplelogic Improvements 

We will continue to make Peoplelogic the most intuitive and power people and performance management solution on the market!

The full Winter Roadmap will be available soon! Please reach out to our team if you have any questions! 

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