Surfacing The Data That Makes Your Team More Effective

Surfacing The Data That Makes Your Team More Effective

Sneak Peek 👀

Our team of superheros has been hard at work adding new recommendations and building out the next generation of the Peoplelogic UI. In the coming release Tony Stark will have some exciting new updates to show you! In the meantime, let's get to what just dropped in the platform.

Peoplelogic Screenshot

May was all about rolling out some great new features to make it easier than ever to help your team be more effective. Want to know more about how we're surfacing critical insights for you in Peoplelogic - read on to find out more!

New Features

On the recommendation front, we've got several new additions that help sales team leaders keep an eye on their overall effectiveness. Each one shows you a snippet of the opportunities that triggered the recommendation and in a future release we'll let you dive deeper without needing to jump back to the original source (Hubspot and Salesforce currently supported)!

  • New Recommendation: Substantial Increase or Decrease In Pipeline
  • New Recommendation: Frequent Opportunity Close Date Changes
  • New Recommendation: Opportunity Stage Has Not Changed In 30 Days

In our next update, we'll be adding several new recommendations for Asana and Jira. These recommendations will help users to make sure they keep their projects on the rails!

As you may know, Peoplelogic builds a graph of your team and and their interactions behind the scenes. This is called Organizational Network Analysis. We've always let you use Lexi to see the graph, but this month we're starting to surface our first recommendations leveraging this data.

  • New Recommendation: Employee is the only connection to an external contact
Peoplelogic Automatic Insight Recommendation

We made it easier to get integrations connected and get great insights about your team:

  • Integrations can now capture additional information during connection. For example, when you connect Asana we let you select the Workspace to connect rather than just using the first one the API returns.
  • Lexi now returns employee data on all the teams they're a part of - not just their primary team.

Finally, we're just about ready to share more of our upcoming UX changes. Here's a bit of a sneak peek!


  • Changes to employee and team and organization are sent to Insights in Near Real Time. You can now connect your tools, connect your team and get recommendations even faster than before
  • Reworked the Asana integration to make it more reliable and faster
  • Fixed inability to connect new Asana integrations
  • Increased the time that the frontend will wait for an employee import to complete
  • Added several missing event types to Lexi's vocabulary
  • Fixed an error in the Timeline for some events when they had participants
  • Daily emails are re-activated but disabled by default. Go to your Preferences to turn them on,

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