Survey-less Employee Engagement Insights

Survey-less Employee  Engagement  Insights

With the ability to scroll through job postings like you are swiping right on Tinder, there is no surprise that 51% of job seekers are looking to online sources for their next opportunity. Why stay at your current job when the next shiny opportunity is at your fingertips? As companies scramble to retain their best employees, the term employee engagement has appeared as a top corporate retainment strategy. Leaders are trying everything from company-wide surveys to individualized management training to increase engagement.

One of the major drivers for employee engagement management over recent years is the newly discovered costs associated with turnover and, more notably, disengaged employees. Typically, there are three categories of engagement that employees fall into. “Engaged”, “not engaged”, and “actively disengaged.” A recent Gallup study found that “actively disengaged employee costs their organization $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary, or 34 percent. That means an actively disengaged employee who makes $60,000 a year costs their company $20,400 a year!”

While still considerably new, employee engagement management comes with a variety of obstacles. Most notably, a high focus on qualitative data has left many companies and leaders grasping for more tangible next steps. With work data spread throughout a company's tech stack, companies have been forced to rely on employee feedback for insight into what is going on. However, we are looking to change that at Peoplelogic. We are building a tool that sends automatic insights and recommendations around individual and team engagement. Our platform identifies who is experiencing these early warning signs AND provides insight into why. 100% employee participation included.

Companies have historically relied on employee engagement survey responses to develop strategies and allocate resources to the right places. However, without a team analyzing responses and turning them into business solutions quickly, many companies see their surveys become detractors. It is often too little too late, and employees may already be gone by the time the solutions are implemented. With Peoplelogic, you simply connect the work tools that employees use every day. Once data is aggregated, our features continually feed you the insights you need to make better decisions.

Our patented algorithm, StayFactor, helps provide warning signals of engagement/disengagement. This includes showing the organizational health detractors and promoters contributing to that score (your people and process health!). Components of that algorithm are clearly displayed in our Graph, an organizational network analysis that shows who has the strongest and weakest connections. Finally, the platform directs your attention to the most important places by providing automatic recommendations and insights.

If you want to better understand your employees and organization, but do not have the time to scroll through endless charts, graphs, and survey responses, contact us today.


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