The Next Phase of Peoplelogic and A Better Way to Manage Companies

The Next Phase of Peoplelogic and A Better Way to Manage Companies

Since we started Peoplelogic nearly a year ago, we’ve slowly but surely peeled back the layers in our understanding of the many problems and opportunities that fast growing SMBs experience as they’re scaling. Over the next year, most industries will solidly enter this “next normal” that we’ve written about — companies of all types are now truly tech and cloud enabled, and they need a new tool to help them create operational excellence as their teams move to work from anywhere, use an increasing number of cloud services to run their businesses, and the opportunities for failure come from without as often as they come from within.

Our initial platform showed that we could aggregate data at scale, produce recommendations, and build insights in minutes. We proved that we could deliver the insights and recommendations from our platform in multiple form factors. These features helped companies have better managers — but they only served one user — that manager. Now, as we start the back half of 2020, we’re aiming at something bigger — helping companies truly understand how work gets done in their businesses and spotting both the opportunities for further growth and the problems before they stumble and fall.

Most leaders lead their teams and companies by their gut and their experience. But what happens when our gut tells us that something isn’t right? At that point, it may already be too late. What if you could see in an instant, potential opportunities and imminent risks to your business?

  1. What are the bottlenecks in team communication?
  2. Why does Jim get more work done after 7pm but is at risk of burning out?
  3. Why is Customer Success unable to get Engineering to complete a customer ticket for them?
  4. Why does the NPS for Customer Y drop when Jane is on vacation?
  5. How much work is required to maintain Customer X vs the revenue brought in each year by them? How about versus all our other customers?
  6. An OKR is likely to move off track — when will it move off track, what are the likely reasons?

These are just some of the questions you start to ask yourself when you get “that feeling”, but getting the answer is costly and often impossible with today’s tools for leading companies. The cost for getting it wrong is missing your quarterly targets, your job or your team’s job, or worse, the company as a whole.

With the increase in data that companies transitioning to the Next Normal (and in particular SMBS) are generating and the complexity that comes with running those companies, leaders struggle to get the insights they need to stay out ahead of potential problems and take advantage of opportunities both within the company and with their customers — before the competition does. SMBs can’t reach for the same Big Data, BI or even machine learning analysts that larger companies can. They don’t need to have someone waste hours building yet another spreadsheet, hacking together data from multiple sources. Instead, they need a tool that easily connects to all the tools that their teams actually use, proactively monitors, predicts and alerts you to where the hot spots are, gives you recommendations on potential course corrections to make, and makes it easy to design and run scenarios around potential courses of action — before you make them — so you can make decisions grounded in fact and data rather than simply intuition and experience.

That’s why we started Peoplelogic and that’s why Peoplelogic is building a new way to run your company — a mission control for your team. Just as we’ve moved on from using slide rules and buttons and knobs for sending people to space, we need to move on from running our businesses with spreadsheets and data that simply tells us what happened in the past. Peoplelogic will provide companies with tools that help them understand how work truly gets done and help to improve it. We will provide systems that observe and alert you to both opportunities and risks to company health. We will help you understand how your team and your customers are connected and we will help you make your growth scalable.

We believe our team is well suited to bring this vision to market because we’ve been there — we’ve stumbled over the problems and we’ve been surprised by things that a platform like Peoplelogic would have shown us. The time is now to capitalize on the explosion of data that SMBs are generating and to help companies navigate this transformation to data driven decision making. As we enter our second year, we know that this vision is bigger than we can deliver on our own, without great partners. To truly realize the vision, we’re putting together a seed round of partners and angels to join us on this journey and to help us transform how businesses run.

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