Top 3 ways HR and People Ops Teams can make an Impact in 2024

Top 3 ways HR and People Ops Teams can make an Impact in 2024

Whether you’re wrapping up 2024 strategic planning or still finalizing your goals, we know at least one thing for HR and People Team is true: you’ve got to maximize your budget and resources to drive impact in the year ahead.

We surveyed our current customers, prospects, and network of HR leaders and here are the top 3 initiatives they’re focusing on in 2024:

1.    Better leveraging people data: HR and People Teams have a huge opportunity when it comes to using their people data to inform decision making. When aggregated, analyzed, and translated into fact-based recommendations, the wealth of data you have about your workforce allows you to be proactive. For far too long organizations have been in a reactive mode when it comes to managing their workforce. This has led to The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and now the Great Gloom. Your employees are asking, if not demanding, change. HR and People Leaders who leverage their data to make actionable recommendations will win out over the major trends listed above. But how you say? Take an inventory of your current HR systems and the insights they can provide. You’re likely having to justify all those investments for budgeting so build your business case with the data you already have: the data that tells you about your organizational health (link to webinar).

2.    Focusing on HR digital transformation: If you’re operating on outdated systems and burdened by arduous processes, it’s time to figure out how to work smarter and elevate your efforts at a more strategic level. Systems that leverage AI to provide you with real-time insights on your workforce will become the norm in 2024. Death by spreadsheets be damned - find ways to get to the data faster and more efficiently. Do you want to know how all of your new hires are integrating into your organization? Do you desire to understand the success traits of your top performers so you can build those capabilities within your broader team? What if you could understand where you have communication gaps and process bottlenecks that may be impeding your ability to meet your organizational goals? Coming to the table with recommendations on tools and systems that will get you the answers to these questions (and many more!) will position you and your team to lead from a front foot advantage.

3.    Continuing to invest in developing management and leadership capabilities: Management and leadership effectiveness continues to be an area of opportunity for companies, especially those that are scaling. Whether you have first time managers or experienced leaders, you shouldn’t bank on them just figuring it out on their own. There’s intrinsic value in creating your own custom trainings that align with your mission and core values. We’ve seen that by implementing blended learning programs where managers and leaders can learn by instruction, apply their learnings with peers, and receive coaching and feedback provides the best results.

If you’re wondering how to get started on your 2024 initiatives and want some support and guidance, Peoplelogic is here to help. At Peoplelogic, we’re committed to helping businesses understand and prioritize employee well-being – enabling them drive more efficient and sustainable growth.


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