Top 5 HR Software and the Value They Can Provide

Top 5 HR Software and the Value They Can Provide

While some form of a Human Resources Department has been around since the early 1900s, the importance of HR personnel increased in the '60s with the introduction of the Equal Pay Act and The Civil Rights Act. Since then, HR has grown in a multitude of ways. Gone are the days of merely filing paperwork—today's HR departments now handle not only tasks such as onboarding, legal compliance, benefits, etc., but also are the heads of improving culture and maintaining employee retention.

As HR's tasks have grown, so has HR automation. Type "HR Automation Software" into Google, and you'll get thousands of results. There are HR automation groups and HR Technology is a huge conversation topic on LinkedIn. 

A company's existence lies in its people, and it's now become HR's job to make sure that everyone is happy, and the company culture is top-notch. As technology has rapidly increased, managers and HR leaders now have access to more data than ever before, and it would be a shame not to utilize it all. However, it would also be impossible without a little help from a different technology—automation. 

And if you are worried about robots taking over your job with all this talk about automation, don't be. If you check out this tool, you'll see that jobs that require people to "Negotiate, Help and Assist others, and Come up with original ideas" are not prone to automation. 

Are you interested in learning more about HR Software and Automation Systems? Check out these top five HR systems and the value they can provide your company.


Bamboo HR is an HR software company that uses automation with respect to their five different pillars—People Data & Analytics, Hiring, Onboarding, Culture, and Compensation. Bamboo HR is well established, with over 15,000 customers in 50 various industries. The company adds value to their customers by helping small to medium sized businesses create an easy and successful HR process. 

SAP Success Factors HXM Suite

Everyone knows about SAP’s widely used and successful ERP, CRM, and Supply Chain platforms. They also have a “Human Experience Suite” where their objectives are to align HR and Corporate, help find and retain top talent, comply with regulatory requirements, and connect to HR and non-HR processes already existing. They do this with “robust technology spanning core HR, payroll, talent management, employee experience management, and People Analytics.” SAP Success Factors HXM adds value to the companies they are aligned with by making HR easier. 


Lattice is an HR software company that uses automation for its four different products—Performance, Engagement, Grow, and Analytics. All of these products help better company culture and increase productivity and growth. They also integrate with many big players, such as IOS, Slack, MS Teams, Gmail, and more. Lattice adds value by making it easier for HR leaders to see how they can improve company culture within and across teams. 


15Five is a people solution company that works to improve company culture, with features that make Check-ins and 1-on 1s easy to do. The product also has many other features, such as an objectives dashboard, a built-in “High-Five” system, and pulse checks. They integrate with many of the big players, such as Slack, Bamboo HR, and Workday. 15Five adds value by making it simple to improve company culture. 


Peoplelogic is a People Intelligence platform that easily integrates data from platforms your company is already using—such as Zoom, GitHub, G-Suite, Hubspot, Trello, and more, into an easy to read dashboard that gives your managers and executives actionable insights and recommendations. Peoplelogic also provides real-time suggestions to help decrease bottlenecks, improve performance and growth, manage team capacity, and increase employee engagement.  

As HR leaders are faced with more tasks than ever before, HR software and automation systems will continue to grow to keep up with the demands of companies today, especially as we see a possibly permanent transition into remote work. If you think that an HR software and automation system might be beneficial for you, check out Peoplelogic. 
As HR tech platforms can dramatically impact an organization—and Peoplelogic lets you understand how work gets done all across your organization, not just your top and bottom performers, by weaving together comprehensive data from the tools you are already using into an insightful and actionable story. Get started with Peoplelogic today with a 30-day free trial.

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