Understanding Team Capacity: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Understanding Team Capacity: Work Smarter, Not Harder

People Intelligence (PI) is a new way to capitalize on the vast amount of data being generated throughout your company.  PI tools like Peoplelogic automatically aggregate and analyze data that your teams and colleagues are generating in various cloud platforms. In doing so, the tool can identify how likely you are to hit your goals, provide prescriptive guidance for managers, and deliver real-time, role-based reporting for executives, managers, and individual contributors.  

Understanding Team Capacity: 

There’s no question that teams within a growth stage company have a lot on their plate. People are wearing multiple hats, several fires must be put out, and goals are missed as a result of overworking, disorganization, and a lack of understanding of the core issues.  A people intelligence platform can help you understand how work gets done: 

  • Do you have the appropriate resources to achieve your goals? 
  • Are your teams and teammates working on tasks that drive the business forward, or are they distracted by emails, instant messages, and internal meetings? 
  • Are your goals obtainable, or are you working on the right things, with the right people to hit those goals? 
  • Are your teams and teammates at risk for burning out, or even worse, possibly leaving the organization? 
  • Are your processes working, or do you have multiple bottlenecks that reduce efficiency, cause frustration, and don’t map to the way projects actually get completed?  

These are all questions that can be answered by using a people intelligence platform. In a world where our reliance on cloud-enabled tools has grown exponentially—it’s critical to understand how tasks, projects, customers, and colleagues work together in a way that make your business successful.  Those standing meetings you have for your team: are you aware that causes your engineers to have a 20% drop in commits?  Your top customer: are you aware their NPS is dropping because Tom is so overworked, he can’t even pretend to be happy and engaged? That VP that just decided to leave the company: are you aware that there are now three other people that are most likely to choose to leave the organization? 

Understanding the capacity and interconnectivity of your teams is a vital exercise. An over-utilized team with insufficient resources is a recipe for disaster. A people intelligence tool can help your leaders and managers get a baseline on the capacity of their teams and ensure the right resources are in place to do a job well done. Likewise, there’s a unique opportunity to leverage the data in a way where prescriptive and predictive guidance can empower leaders to get ahead of potential risks. Your Sales team just had the best quarter ever? You better know if you have the bandwidth to support those deals as the Customer Success leader. Product and Engineering teams have been busting their butt getting new feature requests out the door? There’s a story in the fact that your Sales team’s time to close has dropped by 20% since those changes have been made. 

There are so many stories that exist within the data—but the challenge has been extracting those stories and sharing them in a way that fosters data-driven decision making. Now, using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, everyone, regardless of data prowess or expertise has an opportunity to understand the data their teams are producing in a more meaningful, impactful way. If you want to take the next step in understanding how work gets done, empower your teams to make the right decision at the right time, and ensure your teams have the resources they need—you can get started with Peoplelogic for free, with a 30-day trial.  


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