When “Gut” Isn’t Good Enough—A Tale for Founders and CEOs

When “Gut” Isn’t Good Enough—A Tale for Founders and CEOs

Being the Founder and CEO of a company is incredibly hard work, it’s a constant grind. You’ve poured countless years into market validation, product development and iteration, moving into a product/market fit, and have started to reach maturity and achieve scale. It gets much easier now, right? 

Wrong. Dead wrong. You’re likely tossing and turning at night thinking about attrition, customer retention, and how to keep a leg up on your competition. To avoid flatlining the growth of your organization, you’ve got to be more prepared than ever. Every single decision that is made can have far reaching effects on the bottom-line, your people, on your culture, and even on your customers.  

What if there was a way to reduce that anxiety—a way to monitor the health of your company around the clock in real time? Today, leaders have an opportunity to capitalize on the vast amount of data their teams are producing. For many organizations, the transition into a remote-enabled, cloud-technology empowered company has opened the doors to making this dream a reality—they have more data than they ever have before. 

So, what’s the hang up then? Well, traditionally companies have had to lean into the expertise of a data scientist or analysts, coupled with costly and archaic business intelligence tools—or even worse...they are running their company from a smorgasbord of spreadsheets. What’s the one thing both solutions have in common aside from inefficiency and high costs?  They are forcing you to run your business reactively instead of proactively.

They are forcing you to run your business reactively instead of proactively.  

You’re probably used to having to make on-the-fly, gut-check decisions and you’ve been doing well so far—look how much you’ve grown your company. You’ve taken it from its infancy into its teenage years, but unfortunately we’re here to tell you—this is when “gut” isn’t good enough, and it’s only exacerbated by the uber-competitive, rapidly evolving landscape driven by the current state of affairs globally.  

By the time you have a gut feeling at this stage, it’s too late.

By the time you have a gut feeling at this stage, it’s too late—you may have already lost your top salesperson, your first true (read: profitable) client may be inking paper with your direct competitor, or you may be staring stalled growth and missed numbers in the face. 

We get it, we’ve been there and that’s why we’ve created Peoplelogic.ai. Peoplelogic makes growth scalable. Ditch your reactive spreadsheets and dashboards and use Peoplogic to get real-time monitoring, alerts, and predictions around imminent risks and opportunities for growth, maximizing your success as a company and as a leader. 

Peoplelogic.ai is redefining the way in which leaders manage, optimize, and grow their businesses. While traditionally having to base business decisions on gut feelings and experience—the next normal requires a new approach, one rooted in real-time data and fact. 

With Peoplelogic.ai you can: 

  • Monitor the health of teams, employees, and customers in real time 
  • Get automated recommendations for you and your management team to mitigate risks and course correct 
  • Dig into insights using natural language to better understand how work gets done 
  • Identify and optimize bottlenecks in team communication and workflows 

With the surplus of data your company is now generating, you can achieve operational excellency that drives scalable and sustainable growth, without any of the heavy lifting required from traditional business intelligence platforms, or their costly investments around data science and analysis. 

This new world requires a tool that makes that data useable, prescriptive, and actionable—without any heavy lifting—Peoplelogic.ai is that tool. Take control over the health of your company and ensure growth stays on track—get started for free.

About Peoplelogic.ai 

Peoplelogic.ai is the creator of the world’s first AI-augmented mission control for businesses—making growth scalable. The software uses data from the tools employees love to use to better inform leaders on how work at their organization gets done—spotting opportunities in real-time, and mitigating problems before they affect the bottom-line. Peoplelogic.ai makes that data useable, prescriptive, and actionable—without any heavy lifting. With Peoplelogic.ai keeping an eye on the health of your organization 24/7, 365—business leaders can rest easy and focus their time where it really matters.  

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