Enhancing People Management with Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing People Management with Artificial Intelligence

Ginni Rometty, the first female CEO of IBM, stated “Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us.” We couldn’t agree more with this statement given our mission is to enhance managers and their ability to lead teams through the insights provided by Peoplelogic.ai. The potential impact of leveraging AI and machine learning in the employee experience is tremendous – consider the implications of understanding your team and their behaviors in real-time, finally being able to be proactive in your approach to management, and truly leading with data-driven insights. Those are game changing moments.

In Deidre Paknad’s article How Will AI Help Good Managers Be Great? she urges that “the key is to embrace the opportunity artificial intelligence in business presents for individual and organization success, including scaling your skills and using AI to scale your impact.” Traditional business performance tools come in many shapes and sizes, but the fact remains that most are focused on looking through the rear-view mirror. Today, managers want to leverage data to better lead their teams, but they lack the time to sift through and glean the insights they need about each individual employee. AI is a game changer for managers in that it can take the leg work out of sifting through all the data that teams and companies are generating, and making it easier to surface insights managers can act on.

Business performance tools powered by AI and utilizing machine learning give organizations the ability to make predictions and look through the windshield. AI in these tools is all about providing insights you wouldn’t normally have gleaned and, in most cases, shouldering some of the burden of repetitive tasks. To that point, Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report revealed that “moving beyond the analysis of employee engagement and retention, analytics and AI have come together, giving companies a much more detailed view of management and operational issues to improve operational performance.”

Peoplelogic.ai makes it easier for managers to be better in their crucial role by giving them the ability to lead with a front foot advantage. Aggregating insights across their different tools manually would have never been something managers could carve out enough time in the day for. By curating forward-looking insights and recommendations that are personalized to the employee, Peoplelogic.ai allows managers to be proactive in how they lead their teams and focus on providing leadership and management based on an employee's strengths in real-time. By taking some of the administrative burden off of managers, our platform gives you more time back in your day so you can focus on what's really important - improving business performance.

Business performance tools that leverage AI and machine learning can enhance not only managers themselves, but just as importantly, the entire employee experience. Every interaction your employees have with you and the organization impacts their overall engagement in their day to day work. Imagine the power of knowing what your team needs from you on any given day and being able to act on that knowledge. That’s a game changing moment.

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