Launching New Automatic Team Engagement Recommendations

Launching New Automatic Team Engagement Recommendations

In our last blog post around our Summer 2021 Releases and Updates, we highlighted our new and exciting team engagement recommendations. They are focused on employee and team engagement, Jira integrations, team capacity recs, and more. In this post, we wanted to dive deeper into the engagement recommendations and how important they can be for the success of your team heading into the Fall.

The recommendations below help your managers keep employees engaged and motivated. These new team engagement recommendations help warn you when you’ve been too hands off and remind you of the important actions needed to keep an engaged team. It even points out the employee influencers that you can enlist to help cultivate team morale.

New Engagement Recommendations

  • Manager interaction with a team member has lowered
  • You Have Hidden Influencers
  • Employee is disconnected from the rest of the team

Employee is Disconnected from the Rest of the Team

As shown in the photo above, this recommendation is relevant no matter what product or service your company provides. Good interaction is corelated to a positive employee experience. Not only does communication flow more easily with aconnected team, but this is where you can really leverage your diversity and creativity as a group. We’ve moved most of our collaboration online, but there’s no replacing the feeling and energy you get when speaking to an actual person.

Human interaction is necessary to keep employees happy. The best interactions that you can promote as a leader are based in gratitude, understanding, and appreciation. These positive experiences contribute to overall employee engagement, purpose, and productivity. You can create processes and procedures to encourage team members to interact in this way on a regular basis.

You Have Hidden Influencers

No, we’re not talking about Instagram models. Your teams have influencers, members who contribute to the overall team culture, attitude, and motivation. It’s important to recognize those influencers and understand their individual drivers of engagement and disengagement. Their sentiment around the processes and procedures being enforced and or tested will often reflect the rest of the teams. Influencers are usually more open and ready to speak for the rest of the team as they consistently have more connections across the organisation.

These influencers often have an impact inside and outside of the organization. Internally, they can be the best onboarding partners for new employees. Showing them the purpose of the company to start motivation and engagement off strong. Externally, they are some of your best referrals and marketers

An engaged employee influencer creates more cohesive teams, increases team engagement, and can be a true marketer inside and out. An unhappy employee influencer can do the exact opposite. That’s why it’s important to identify who has this influence.

Manager Interaction with the Team Has Lowered

Like the first recommendation above, this recommendation focuses on the manager and employee relationship. Although managers wear many hats, it’s worth (literally) taking the time to make sure you’re connected with your team members. A study conducted by Gallup recently found that managers account for up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement. An employee interaction can be something as small as hoping in a quick meeting, checking in, and giving appreciation or gratitude around the work the individual is doing.

As they say, employees leave managers, not companies. Peoplelogic is working to help companies keep and retain top talent. With so many things to focus on, it’s easy to forget that humanity as at the core of all business. Our platform reminds managers the importance of building strong relationships with their team members and the effect that it has on the bottom line.


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