Peoplelogic Spring '22 Update

Peoplelogic Spring '22 Update

We have been hard at work here at Peoplelogic to unlock a world of new possibilities to help you lead your business more effectively, manage risk and understand the people and processes around the organizational health that are the underpinnings of today’s hybrid, hyper scale organizations.

In short, we could not be more excited to reveal these new features!

First and foremost, Peoplelogic is going to look a bit different. While we always love hearing from our customers, your feedback has helped us shape a newly reimagined workflow to give you the most actionable and insightful data right when you start your day. With pruned clicks and simpler pages, we are short circuiting the path to insights with everything you need on one, easy-to-read dashboard next to intuitive drill downs to easily navigate and unpack details about critical datapoints.

The Graph

A favorite feature just got even better—our Graph. Our new and improved Graph unleashes a host of insights allowing you to see your team dynamics in real-time unlike ever before. This ground-breaking visualization is sure to redefine the way in which managers and leaders can see how people and processes are intertwined and working together within an organization. And better still, we are introducing a whole new way of navigating your org, so you can intuitively interact in context with each insight. 

Need to understand how people in your organization are connected to one another? Easily navigate through the fully interactive graph, clicking on individual team members, and seeing their connections to each other. Behind each team, you will get fast stats on key information that will help you surface risks and act seamlessly. As you move throughout the graph, you will be able to see where your team bonds are strong and discover those team members on the fringes.

The same is true for understanding the people and process connections. How are your teams approaching the jobs on a daily or weekly basis? Are they working well with others? Are there broken processes? As you navigate through and drill down into more information, our Recommendations can surface potential root causes of inefficiencies and breakdowns. More than just binary process completion metrics, the enhanced algorithms can convey emotion and sentiment, making Peoplelogic an even more powerful tool to assess employee engagement and mitigate team member attrition.


This release also sees the next generation of our StayFactor as it becomes smarter and more intuitive.  Peoplelogic introduced StayFactor to the market as a measure of your team’s employee and manager experience. With a new understanding of the interactions where the risks in your organization lie, we can continuously surface new approaches to help keep your business healthy and manage risks in this ever-changing market and economic environment.  Simply put, providing visibility to where risks lie place organizations in a better position to get ahead on organizational health challenges, anticipate retention challenges, while gaining an improved control of change management initiatives, their related outcomes, and critically allow you to more ably deliver for your customers.

Insights & Recommendations

Last, and certainly not least have also invested heavily in new insights and recommendations that focused on sales and engineering teams, allowing C-suite a robust picture they need of how their elements or even the entire organization works together, while empowering managers to do their best work and get the best out of their teams.

There is so much we could unpack about this new release, and the Graph, StayFactor and Insights are just some of the highlights – look for our release notes here. We are proud to let our customers enjoy this next generation of Peoplelogic and looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

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