Smart Scaling: Maintaining Sales Productivity

Smart Scaling: Maintaining Sales Productivity

Whether you're preparing to grow your sales team or are in the midst of growth mode, there's a lot to be said for scaling smartly so your team's sales productivity doesn't take a nose dive right as you finalize your growth targets for the year. But what does smart scaling look like? Essentially, it's having the right tools and enough processes in place so that as you add team members they can come up to speed quickly and begin adding value. That means having everything from your CRM to your sales playbook to your proven process outlined and implemented.

More importantly, it means that you as the sales leader have to thoughtfully balance engaging with your team and coaching them with the multitude of other tasks on your plate. Here's the good news: has you covered on the managerial front and gives you more time back in your day by surfacing the insights you need when you need them. So you're not on the sales floor closing deals for your reps, but instead coaching them to close on their own. Now that's smart scaling. Read on to see how our platform's insights and recommendations can support you as you go from startup to scale up.

Imagine you've just added several new individuals to your team. About a week into their onboarding you receive a notification from to introduce your new hires to new people. You had been meaning to make more introductions, but wanted them to settle in with their immediate team first. This is a great reminder and now you can set up a cross-functional lunch or coffee hour.

These same new hires have now met the broader team and are diving eagerly into prospecting. We all prospect differently and sometimes the way we were taught or the patterns we’ve fallen into don’t serve us well, especially if we’re coming into a new environment with a different way of doing things. But how do you know when your new hire needs help? is on the lookout for trends within your activity data and whether you have a new team member or one who has just fallen out of a regular prospecting cadence, our platform lets you know when their activity is trending downward.  When this happens, we'll send a personalized recommendation so you can take proactive managerial actions before you miss your sales target. Our platform also sends early warning insights when sales activity has slowed and delivers targeted recommendations to implement call blocks, call shadowing, and pipeline and process reviews. In the "storming" stage of team development, these simple managerial actions often get overlooked and fall by the wayside. makes sure that's not the case.

Let's say along the way your team hits the "performing" stage of team development - they're motivated, they're in synch with you and each other, and things are humming. In that scenario, you probably have a few individuals who are keeping late nights and early mornings. Our platform takes into account the activity for each team member and makes  proactive recommendations so you're in tune with your team members who deserve praise in public and possibly time off as well as those who should simply consider disconnecting after hours for a bit. Maintaining work life blend is key to preventing burnout and keeps wellbeing at the forefront.

There is a difficult and dramatic shift that occurs going from player to player/coach to pure coach. Along the way, your job becomes less about your personal achievement and more about empowering your team. That journey is rewarding and filled with learning moments. helps smooth out that journey, serving as your co-pilot as you navigate hiring, growing, and coaching your team. To learn more about the sales productivity use case visit our solution page.

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