Understanding How Work Gets Done

Understanding How Work Gets Done

Going Remote:

Eric founded his company, which provides automated receipt tracking and reimbursement for employees, back in 2015. After identifying product market fit, they were rapidly growing going from a team of 4 to a team of 198 in 2020. A technology driven company that relies heavily on the usage of cloud software, they made the transition to go fully remote as the world shut down in the spring of 2020 due to COVID-19.

Empowering Flexibility:

Eric had taken time to hire the right people for the right role. Even coming close to eclipsing 200 employees, he is personally involved with the interview and hiring process of each candidate. When the company went fully remote—he saw his management team struggling. For the most part, his teams seemed to be performing well—but the entire management team was losing sight on how work was getting done, and how the added flexibility of going remote was helping or hurting the team. Likewise, Eric was concerned with the overall wellbeing of each member in the company: Were they burning out? Did they have what they needed to perform? Did they still feel connected to the company and the mission?

Automated Recommendations

They needed a data-driven way to effectively lead their respective teams, but they didn’t have the bandwidth to spend multiple hours a week downloading reports, aggregating data, and hoping something actionable would come from quick, disjointed analysis.

Scaling High Performing Teams

By incorporating Peoplelogic.ai into the company’s tech stack, Eric was able to get the real-time insights he needed to ensure performance didn’t waiver. However, and most importantly to Eric, he had provided each member of the management team with access to Peoplelogic, providing them with actionable recommendations to help improve the performance, buy-in, and wellbeing of each respective team and the people that made them. With Peoplelogic, Eric can make sure growth stays on track, his managers have an augmentation tool that empowers them to make the best decisions they possibly can, and the employees feel more engaged, protected, and productive.  

What Peoplelogic Could Do For You:

Peoplelogic helps you understand how work in your organization gets done while also empowering your management team to make the best data-driven decisions.

With Lexi, Peoplelogic users can use advanced queries to run team reports—even combining data from different sources in a matter of seconds.

In this new remote-first world, you’ve got to provide your management teams with real-time insights so they can improve performance, engagement, and collaboration. With Peoplelogic, you can proactively quantify and optimize: 

  • Performance 
  • Processes
  • Work-life balance & burnout risk 
  • Employee attrition 
  • Customer churn 

If you're ready to make the jump to data-driven management, get started with Peoplelogic today.

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