Why Won’t Your HRIS Succeed In Performance Management?

Are you relying solely on your HRIS for performance management? While it may seem like an easy fix, it could do more harm than good. It might hurt your retention rates and cost you more money in the long run.

This increased cost will stem from an inability to link performance to goals, a lack of performance management feedback, and a dissatisfying experience for all parties. This will reduce employee engagement which increases employee turnover. Considering the average cost of hiring a new employee is 20-30% of their annual salary, this should be avoided at all costs.

If you’re ready to streamline your HR processes but aren’t sure how to choose the best performance management software— keep reading.

Pros and Cons of Using HRIS for Performance Management:


  • All-in-one platform for human resources management
  • Ability to launch simple surveys (works well for simple feedback requests, like manager’s or self-review)
  • Cost-effective pricing sometimes


  • Poor data analytics tools
  • Lack of 360-degree feedback
  • Lack of employee surveys
  • Limited customization features
  • Inflexibility
  • Complicated setup
  • Poor user experience
  • High level of admin
  • Lack of customer support
  • Lack of guides and user resources
  • No performance improvement process. For example, no 1:1’s or OKRs

Why Choose a Performance Management Solution over HRIS?

Unlike an HRIS, performance management software is designed specifically to help you track and manage employee performance, set goals, and provide feedback. A good performance management solution can help you improve employee engagement and retention, which means less turnover and more money saved in the long run.

Selecting a Human Resources Performance Management System over an HRIS
has the following benefits:

Actionable reports for managers and employees
#2Performance analytics help you get under the skin of your team
#3Easily export data and seamlessly connect with other HR systems
Templates and education tools for managers
#5Competencies and skills assessment
#6Responsive customer support and quick implementations of customizations
#7Simple and intuitive
UI and UX
#8High-level automation and customization make the tool easy to manage
Alignment of individual goals with
company strategy
Access to everything you need to support employees' growth. This includes 1-1s, goals, growth plans, feedback, smoothly linked to review cycles
Check out how software agency Sombra reduced their performance management admin time from 4 to 1 hour per month, increasing the team’s productivity and engagement.
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Will I See An ROI From My Performance Management System?

To put it simply— yes, you will.

Although there may be some upfront cost to using a separate tool for people and performance management, it will greatly impact your team's engagement and bring more value in a long run.

The best tools for employee performance management will:

Decrease time spent on performance management
Decrease HR admin time for review administration
Reduce the cost of poor performance management processes and attrition

All these benefits will increase your team’s productivity and minimize
payroll spend.

You can expect to see a 217.85% ROI in one year when using Peoplelogic

This is based on:

Reduced employee turnover due to implementing regular feedback. This results in an ROI of $12,385*
Reduced payroll spend through minimized admin time during the review cycle. This results in an ROI of $1,050*

*example of calculation for company with 100 employees

Try Peoplelogic for Better People & Performance management

An intuitive platform for end-to-end performance management with coaching tools for managers to unlock your team's potential.

• Centralize feedback, goals, check-ins, and growth plans in one place.
• Help your managers become better with curated HR practices.
• Run effortless & accountable performance reviews inspiring growth.
• Integrate with your existing HRIS for easy workflows.

See Peoplelogic

Rated 4.5/5 by companies with 200+ employees.

Rated 4.5/5 by companies with 200+ employees.

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For HR Teams

Engage employees, and improve performance with less planning and review time.

Natalia Shulzhenko, HR manager at Sombra
Nataliia Shulzhenko

HR Manager

233 employees

"Peoplelogic helps us gather feedback and organize review cycles without hundreds of forms and sheets. Employees started to fill out surveys faster, Peoplelogic is like a game for them."

For Team Leaders

Use flexible HR software to coach and steer your team toward success.

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Dima Kovalenko


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90 employees

"Peoplelogic helps us align all company around common goals, increase transparency, engagement, and visibility. It's effortless to use, and team adoption is sky-high."

Peoplelogic features

Everything you need for improving employees'
engagement & performance in one place

OKRs software

Align with OKRs

Focus your team on value-added tasks with Objectives and Key Results

Reviews software

Inspire growth with effective reviews

Conduct effortless employee-centered 360° feedback and performance reviews

Praise software

Celebrate wins with praise

Reward excellence and reinforce company culture with public praise

Learn more
Feedback software

Create a feedback culture

Help your team grow with regular constructive feedback

Learn more

Create a feedback culture

Share continuous feedback in real-time and publicly celebrate employee achievements.

One-on-ones software

Streamline one-on-one meetings with ease

Collaborate on agenda, track notes, follow up on action lists, and personalize interviews with 100+ questions and templates for your 1-on-1s.

Customizable employee surveys

Measure pulse, improve employee engagement & retention, and gather feedback on your initiatives with effortless surveys.

Learn & simplify with templates

Leverage a diverse collection of curated templates and HR experts’ guides to bring the best out of your team.

How Peoplelogic is different

Education inside

Expert-driven templates and tips inside the app help your managers become the coaches and cut time for admin tasks of the HR team.

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Jul 15

"I like that Peoplelogc suggests templates and questions for the meetings, it saves a lot of time."

Information Services

51-1000 employees

Actionable reports

Analyze your team's performance, skill gaps, and plan your HR initiatives and organizational training with customizable reports.

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Apr 13

"Peoplelogic automates everything we were doing manually in sheets. It's also much friendlier and more effective, due to Slack integration."


1-10 employees

Simplicity & great design

Set up a review cycle of any complexity in 15 mins and sync all your performance management initiatives with an easy-to-use platform that your team will love.

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Apr 30

"Review assessment block enables to cover employees’ performance area in one place along with OKR. Well-designed user experience is appreciated by employees."

Information Technology and Services

51-200 employees

Integrate Peoplelogic with your current HRIS system

Peoplelogic smoothly integrates with your HRIS system, allowing you to sync employee data like start date, birthday, salary, and manager information.

Your dedicated onboarding manager will help you integrate all the necessary information during the trial period.

Ready to talk about what Peoplelogic can do for your business?

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