Peoplelogic Impact vs. Alternatives

🚀 Good news! Your company grows, as you realized that managing performance in a spreadsheet does not work anymore. But how to select the right software, fitting your goals and processes, if there are more than 100 tools on the market?

Read this brief to learn what to consider during performance software selection. We will also show you how Impact differentiates itself to help you make the right decision.

What to consider in the selection of performance management software?

Whom Impact will not fit:

Companies that need an HRIS solution

Though Plai has a powerful HR Suite with 360 & performance reviews, eNPS surveys, and personal development plans, it cannot cover all daily HR tasks. Plai will help only to cover the part of HR responsibilities focused on the performance analysis and improvement.

Whom Impact will fit:

Small & medium-sized companies

Startups (even before product/market fit)

International, remote & hybrid teams

70% of employees leave their managers, not companies. Often small companies do not have an HR role, and managers need to handle it. For such teams, it is crucial to educate managers, developing the right performance management habits.

Plai help you cut 40+ hours monthly for HR-related tasks and achieve more in a healthy manner, removing stress and anxiety from goals and management failures. OKRs, regular feedback and performance conversations help teams see everyone's impact and discuss their areas of improvement. Such habits improve manager-employee communication, create transparency and psychological safety in the workplace.

Why customers choose Impact over alternatives

Key differentiators


Impact has the highest cost to quality ratio on the market. Unlike other HR products, we don't require you to commit to annual contracts - subscribe to monthly plan and cancel anytime.


Impact is easy to learned platform. Instead of calls with support managers, you just need to invite your team to Impact and start using it.

Educational content

Impact has 100+ templates, articles and tips, based on the knowledge from 3000+ teams with proven success.

Technical aspects


3 hours average support response time. Or go even further - request a live product demo, jump on free onboarding call, and access our help center.


Customize Impact for your needs, request new features, and see them live.

Modern & engaging UI

Top-rated by design and 55% of our clients are Design & Software Agencies. With a game-like interface, employees like Impact and use it regularly. A bunch of emojis and stickers makes the tool modern-looking and engaging.


Impact users' data is confidential, as the software maintains the highest standards of data security & privacy with a full GDPR compliance & AWS certification. Learn more about data encryption, retention & recovery in Impact.

Own your data

Regardless of the plan, you can export your historical data anytime.


Goals & OKRs

Get OKRs division by departments, asynchronous real-time goal setting & updating, visibility of team activity within the feed, and notifications about team's updates.

Performance reviews

Employee-centric 360°, manager, and peer performance reviews with expert-backed templates, customizable questions, competency-based assessment and in-product calibration.

1:1 check-ins

Set 1:1 meetings with reminders, apply conversation templates depending on your goals, and create private or collaborative notes.


Use Individual Development Plans to help employees plan their careers and monitor their growth.


Access performance reports that are easy to understand and act on. Analyze your company’s performance and skills gap by location, tenure, seniority level, and more. Keep your team engaged with a live TV screen dashboard with goals' progress.


Stay on top with Slack & MC Teams integration, and synchronize your check-ins with Calendar integration.

Mobile app

Edit and set OKRs on the go with Plai mobile app, available for Android & iOS.


Drive a feedback culture, sharing peer-to-peer feedback & public praises. Get access to templates & tips for sharing feedback.

Rated 4.5/5 by companies with 200+ employees.

Rated 4.5/5 by companies with 200+ employees.

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Why choose Peoplelogic?


Time saved for HR tasks each month


Templates & HR experts' tips to get started


Average rating by clients with actual results


Average support response time

“Peoplelogic works great for our company”

We went with Peoplelogic after the first demo, didn't even need to see anything else. I have had a great experience, easy to use, works great for our company and can't wait for even more features to use.

Ryan Wenk
People & Operations Manager
Financial Services
Altruist logo
330 employees
Altruist testimonial Plai

“Effortless to use & the team adoption is sky-high”

Peoplelogic has helped us to align all the company around common Objectives, increase transparency, engagement, and visibility. With Plai, we implemented regular and constructive peer-to-peer feedback. It's effortless to use, and the team adoption is sky-high.

Dima Kovalenko
Co-founder & CEO
IT Services and IT Consulting
uptech logo
106 employees
Uptech testimonial Plai

“Peoplelogic puts us first”

I like that Peoplelogic puts clients first and meet our needs with tremendous speed. 360 Review assessment enables us to cover employees' performance areas in one place along with OKRs block, which is done perfectly. Employees appreciate the well-designed UI/UX of the tool.

Yuliya Pupysheva
HR Business Partner
Wellness and Fitness Services
BetterMe logo
250 employees
BetterMe testimonial Plai

“Peoplelogic saves me time”

With Peoplelogic, managing performance is faster, easier, and less stressful. It helps us gather feedback and organize review cycles without hundreds of forms and sheets. Employees started to fill out reviews faster, Peoplelogic is like a game for them.

Nataliia Shulzhenko
HR Manager
Software Development & Consulting services
233 employees
Natalia Shulzhenko, HR manager at Sombra

“Peoplelogic improves employees performance”

I have found Peoplelogic to be an effective tool that has helped us streamline our performance management process and improve employee performance.

Alexandru Laslau
People & Culture Business Partner
159 employees

Take control of your people

Peoplelogic helps you build and maintain a skilled, engaged, and continuously improving workforce.

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