Increase employees' engagement by up to 3x with better People & Performance management

An intuitive platform for end-to-end performance management. Use coaching tools to unlock your team's full potential.

• Centralize feedback, goals, check-ins, and growth plans to one location.
• Develop better managers with curated HR practices.
• Run effortless & accountable performance reviews that inspire growth.
• Integrate with your existing HRIS for easy workflows.

Peoplelogic is loved by HR and Team Leaders at scaling companies with 50-500 people

Rated 4.5/5 by companies with 200+ employees.

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Unlock your team's potential and
inspire growth with Peoplelogic IMPACT

Right now, it’s not about adding a nice-to-have tool for managers or storing HR data.
It's about unleashing the full potential and performance of your talent. It’s about maximizing overall business efficiency

The Hierarchy of Employee Needs (Gallup):
Plai Features:
Performance reviewsPersonal Development Plans (PDPs)
Alignment of individual & team goals Linking goals with company mission & values
Coaching feedback from Manager1:1s with supervisorPraise

How IMPACT increases employee engagement

Gallup indicates employee engagement depends on fulfilling development needs. IMPACT provides managers with the right tools for this.

The Hierarchy of Employee Needs (Gallup)

IMPACT Features:

Intuitive performance reviews tied to Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

Individual & team goal tracking
Aligning goals with company mission & values

Praise One-on-one meetings
Real-time feedback from manager

Alex Laslau

People & Culture Specialist

159 employees

"Plai helped us streamline our performance management process and improve employee performance across the board."

Uptech testimonial Plai
Dima Kovalenko


uptech logo

106 employees

"Plai helps us align all company around common goals, increase transparency, engagement, and visibility."


All tools your team needs to be engaged and high-performing in one place

Reviews software

Inspire growth with effortless reviews

Make 360° feedback and performance reviews an intuitive activity that is tied to growth. Help people look forward to their reviews!

OKRs software

Track individual, team & business goals

Create customizable personal development plans with individual goals. Focus on your teams’ success using value-added tasks, Objectives, and Key Results (OKRs).

Praise software

Celebrate wins with praise

Reward excellence and reinforce company culture with public praise

Learn more
Feedback software

Create a feedback culture

Help your team grow with regular constructive feedback

Learn more

Create a feedback culture

Share continuous feedback in real-time and publicly celebrate employee achievements.

One on one meeting tracker software

Streamline one-on-one meetings with ease

Collaborate on agenda, track notes, follow up on action lists, and personalize interviews with 100+ questions and templates for your 1-on-1s.

Customizable employee surveys

Measure pulse, improve employee engagement & retention, and gather feedback on your initiatives with effortless surveys.

Learn & simplify with templates

Equip your team with research-baked feedback templates, goals, meeting agendas, and growth plans to help them own their performance and be engaged.

Invest in your managers

Managers are your front line against high employee turnover. Give your team leaders the tools to interact with their teams more effectively and build a positive work culture.

Help your managers become better coaches

  • Utilize 1:1 meetings with agenda templates, action items, reminders, and calendar integration.
  • One stop for tracking & visualizing individual goals. Align your goals with the team's objectives and the company's vision to create more meaningful work.
  • Effortless real-time feedback and praise.
One-on-ones software
Feedback software

Engage team leaders in performance management

  • Keep all feedback, goals, and check-in data in one centralized location, accessible in just a few clicks.
  • Receive easy-to-understand reports on employee performance.
  • Access templates and curated HR advice directly within the app on 1-1s, personal development plans, and goals, assisting leaders with the growth of their teams.

No more HR struggles with performance management

Make your HR teams' job easier by reducing review administration time. Engage the entire team in an effortless performance management process.

Painless & flexible performance reviews

  • Set up fully automated performance reviews in just 15 minutes. Forget the hassle of countless forms & spreadsheets.
  • Customize everything to fit your organization's unique needs.
  • Leverage performance analytics segmented by roles, tenure, location & more, giving your People team data to support their initiatives.
  • Ensure a great experience for everyone involved with the in-product calibration of results.
  • Monitor progress and share reports with all participants just in a few clicks.
  • Set up automatic reminders via email, Slack or MC Teams.
Performance reviews monitoring
Employee enablement platform

Keep it simple & fun

IMPACT is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive for employees to use without training. With helpful tips built into the app, your team can instantly get up to speed and utilize Plai's features to drive growth and success.

Natalia Shulzhenko, HR manager at Sombra
Nataliia Shulzhenko

HR Manager

233 employees

"IMPACT helps us gather feedback and organize review cycles without hundreds of forms and sheets. Employees started to fill out surveys faster, Plai is like a game for them."

Use IMPACT with your current tools

Seamlessly integrate IMPACT with your HRIS, calendar, and Single sign-on (SSO) providers for a hassle-free experience. Get real-time updates through Slack and Teams, ensuring you & your team are always in the loop.

Greater value for money compared to alternatives

Plai was designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing you to scale your billing as your business grows.

Explore Pricing
The cost is 30% more affordable than the average of similar tools on the market
Monthly plans with
no minimum contract commitment
Flexible billing per user with access to all features
Proven ROI of 217.85%
in one year

You can expect to see a 217.85% ROI in one year when using IMPACT

This is based on:
Reduced employee turnover at 15% due to implementing regular feedback. This results in an ROI of $12,385*
Reduced payroll spend through minimized admin time during the review cycle. This results in an ROI of $1,050*
*example of calculation for company with 100 employees

Why choose IMPACT?

1 week

Needed time for rolling-out IMPACT


HR templates & guides inside app


Of time-savings on HR admin tasks


Average support response time

Your HRIS isn't effective for performance management

While HRIS are helpful for some HR tasks, they can't do it all when it comes to growing and retaining your talent. HRIS were designed for tasks like onboarding, benefits, and payroll. Management tasks like setting goals, sharing feedback, and planning for career growth require a more comprehensive approach than what an HRIS can offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to implement IMPACT?
How easy is it to implement and train managers to use IMPACT?
How is IMPACT better than well-established tools on the market?
Does IMPACT allow customization?
What’s the cost?
How to get started?
Which kind of surveys would be used for the performance review?
What HRIS integrations does IMPACT support, and what do they look like?
How does Peoplelogic ensure data privacy?

“Peoplelogic works great for our company”

We went with Peoplelogic after the first demo, didn't even need to see anything else. I have had a great experience, easy to use, works great for our company and can't wait for even more features to use.

Ryan Wenk
People & Operations Manager
Financial Services
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330 employees
Altruist testimonial Plai

“Effortless to use & the team adoption is sky-high”

Peoplelogic has helped us to align all the company around common Objectives, increase transparency, engagement, and visibility. With Plai, we implemented regular and constructive peer-to-peer feedback. It's effortless to use, and the team adoption is sky-high.

Dima Kovalenko
Co-founder & CEO
IT Services and IT Consulting
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106 employees
Uptech testimonial Plai

“Peoplelogic puts us first”

I like that Peoplelogic puts clients first and meet our needs with tremendous speed. 360 Review assessment enables us to cover employees' performance areas in one place along with OKRs block, which is done perfectly. Employees appreciate the well-designed UI/UX of the tool.

Yuliya Pupysheva
HR Business Partner
Wellness and Fitness Services
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250 employees
BetterMe testimonial Plai

“Peoplelogic saves me time”

With Peoplelogic, managing performance is faster, easier, and less stressful. It helps us gather feedback and organize review cycles without hundreds of forms and sheets. Employees started to fill out reviews faster, Peoplelogic is like a game for them.

Nataliia Shulzhenko
HR Manager
Software Development & Consulting services
233 employees
Natalia Shulzhenko, HR manager at Sombra

“Peoplelogic improves employees performance”

I have found Peoplelogic to be an effective tool that has helped us streamline our performance management process and improve employee performance.

Alexandru Laslau
People & Culture Business Partner
159 employees

Ready to take your team's engagement and performance to the next level?

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