Experiencing Zoom Fatigue? Consider a People Intelligence Platform

Experiencing Zoom Fatigue? Consider a People Intelligence Platform

Experiencing Zoom Fatigue? Consider a People Intelligence Platform. 

On March 13th, many Americans left their workplaces and said, “see you in two weeks” or “see you in a month!”. It quickly became apparent that those scenarios would not be the case. There was a lot of adjustment, and maybe even a little bit of excitement (hey, no commute!), as people got situated working from home and utilizing their video communication platforms like never before.

Now it’s November, and many people are still working from home—via video communication platforms, such as Zoom. And if people aren’t in Zooms for work, they are in them helping their children with school, chatting with elderly parents or grandparents, or for happy hours with friends. However, video calls are draining. They force us to focus way more intently than we usually would (no quick whispers to your co-worker when you miss something). Additionally, you aren’t in a conference room where the purpose of the environment is to work—you may be in your kitchen or living room. 

Obviously, Zoom meetings are still meetings, just with that now added twist of...dread. We all know the saying, “Why was this a meeting when it could’ve just been an email?” which especially rings true during this pandemic. If you or your team are experiencing Zoom fatigue, consider the various ways a People Intelligence platform can decrease meetings. 

Timing & Efficiency.

A People Intelligence platform like Peoplelogic gathers data from various tools you are already using—Zoom, Slack, GSuite, etc., and can stitch together your team’s data into actionable insights that help you better understand your people and help you make better decisions. If you’ve noticed via Peoplelogic that Andrew is insanely efficient between the hours of 8 am, and 11 am, send him a quick chat or email in the morning if you have something pressing. If you really can’t hold off on doing a meeting, at least do one when he is at his best—not after lunch when his productivity and focus levels have dropped. 

Hiring and Skills

Your company is growing (good) and entering a new quarter and soon a new year. You are looking to hire some new employees (also good). However, you want to make sure you are hiring people that you need the most. Instead of hopping on a Zoom call and attempting to sort out what attributes your team lacks (skill-wise and personality-wise), using a People Intelligence platform can make sense of all of the data you already have. It can give you individualized personality insights—so you know exactly what type of person you want on your team. Instead of spending hours in a meeting, all you need to do is send HR and management over a few charts with all of that valuable data and let them go from there (and they won’t need to do a meeting either!)

Real-Time Updates 

In the office, daily standups were no big deal, but now that we are all facing Zoom fatigue, nobody wants to jump onto a call every morning at eight am, especially when it can be done in an email or message. As a manager, you may feel like you can’t compromise on these meetings. But with a People Intelligence platform like Peoplelogic, you can see real-time updates, with custom KPIs and WoW trends. Imagine opening your dashboard and knowing that your team was focused on the right set of actions that move the needle like—sending emails, holding demos, and hosting client meetings. With a dashboard like that, you don’t need to have a meeting to ask for updates; you just know-and a quick “Good morning, let’s remember to focus on this today” on Slack will save you and your employees valuable time that can be spent helping grow your company. 

Burnout Warnings 

While, of course, it’s healthy and a great idea to have a few check-in meetings, especially in places where social distancing is heavily enforced, it’s possible having check-in meetings multiple times a week is not really where every employee feels their time is best spent. If you are worried about burnout, a People Intelligence platform  will show you where employees are at risk for burnout by aggregating their data from all of the tools you are already using. Now, instead of check-in meetings with the whole group, you can focus your attention on the team member that needs the most help. 

Video Calls Can’t Compete With An In-Person Environment When It Comes To Building Connections.  

Lastly, video calls aren't even a  great way to get a read of your employees, and remote work can be difficult for many teams used to constant communication, such as being able to tap a coworker on the shoulder when they have a quick question, etc.  But with Peoplelogic, you can get a full-screen view of what your employees have been up to, identify bottlenecks, lapses in communication, and more. 

This pandemic has been tough on everyone in different ways. Make your team's day with one less meeting by investing in a People Intelligence solution.

Peoplelogic is reimagining how business leaders and managers lead, manage, and optimize their teams. By providing comprehensive data-driven decision-making capabilities, Peoplelogic gives you an unprecedented vantage point into the performance, productivity, and accountability within your organization. 

The tools uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the actions, points of connectivity, and workflows within your company to measure and benchmark how work gets done. By adding a contextual layer of insights and recommendations, you never have to worry about making a blind decision ever again.  

With the surplus of valuable data being generated and the evolution of how we operate our businesses, you’ve got to add an additional tool to your company’s toolbox. Peoplelogic is that tool.


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