Feeling Lost? Why Using a People Intelligence Platform Could be Your Next Compass.

Feeling Lost? Why Using a People Intelligence Platform Could be Your Next Compass.

There is no denying that 2020 has been challenging. As an entrepreneur, CEO, or founder of a company, you may be facing unique challenges. With the economy's initial downturn, hiring has slowed, and for many companies, growth has also stagnated. 

Now, picture Liz. Liz founded her startup, which helps companies implement a specific type of software, in 2016. The company exploded and quickly went from five to a team of 125 in four years. When the pandemic hit, the team went entirely remote. Since then, Liz's growth had stagnated, but after some reflection, she realized that growth was stagnating well before the pandemic. 

With the urging of her People Operations lead, Michael, she invested in a People Intelligence platform. A People Intelligence platform allows businesses to embrace the tools their employees are already using to collect, aggregate, structure, and analyze data. 

Chances are, you may be facing a similar situation as Liz's. See how a People Intelligence tool helped her in various departments. 


Ben is the leader of the engineering team.  Ben and Liz were delighted to have two fantastic software engineers onboard within the first six months of the company's existence who had incredible product knowledge and served as great role models for the fast-growing engineering team. However, in February, one of the highly experienced software engineers left, and Ben and Liz panicked, worried that the rest of the software team would crumble. Unfortunately, in May, another engineer left, but this time, Ben was able to jump onto his People Intelligence platform and see what went wrong. It turns out that the senior engineers' productivity had decreased, and their performance paled compared to the newer engineers. These engineers had been with Ben from the start, getting to enjoy all of the startup's newnesses, but had grown bored in their current tasks. With his People Intelligence platform, Ben could now continually check to ensure that his team was still performing strong and adjust accordingly to engage them better. 

People Operations

Michael was the leader of the People Operations team for the past two years. However, after seeing the engineering team lose a top software engineer, Michael knew there needed to be a change and convinced Liz to take a chance with a People Intelligence platform. Now Michael and Liz were able to see how engaged their employees were in their work and how they were hitting their goals. Michael was able to show each manager prescriptive, actionable, and impactful recommendations to support the growth and performance of each respective team.


MJ is the support team manager, but lately, his team was having a lot of trouble making goals and retaining clients—in fact, they were losing them at an alarming pace and getting frustrated. The whole company was blaming them for their lack of growth. Using the People Intelligence platform that Liz had invested in for the company, MJ was able to jump onto his dashboard and get recommendations for team members. By connecting Office 365, Trello, Zendesk, and his team’s calendars, it turns out all of his team members were near burnout and had been working overtime for an extended period. MJ quickly turned to Liz and asked to hire a few more reps, and after seeing the burnout data, she agreed. Team morale improved, burnout decreased, and the problems the team had been facing were no longer existent with just a little bit more help. 


Rachel was the leader of the sales team and had been with the company from the beginning. She knew which team members performed the best and who was struggling, but she wanted the full picture to ensure the whole team's success. She was using CRM data, but with the new People Intelligence platform, she was also now able to look at aggregated email and Zoom data. Additionally, Rachel was able to see the value of the deals each sales rep closed and what steps they took to get the valuable deals, while identifying steps in the sales process that were redundant or inefficient. Rachel used those steps and activities as a guideline for the sales team and improved their overall sales productivity.


Matthew was the leader of the product team at the company and was feeling burnt out. He knew he was a good manager and needed to do some delegating, but didn’t want to burn his team out either. When Liz invested in the People Intelligence platform, Matthew benefited greatly. He was worried initially that delegating tasks to his team would overwhelm them, but using the People Intelligence platform, he could see that they were responding well to these new tasks—and many of them even mentioned to him that they were really enjoying these exciting projects. Now Matthew was back to his old self, and the team’s productivity increased. 

As you can see from the above examples, a People Intelligence platform can dramatically impact an organization’s growth and overall health. If you are an executive like Liz and want to see real growth and employee satisfaction, invest in a People Intelligence platform like Peoplelogic. Peoplelogic lets you understand how everyone gets work done, not just your top and bottom performers. We’re weaving together comprehensive data from the tools you already use into an insightful and actionable story. 

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