Five Problems You Can Solve as a Leader Using People Intelligence

Five Problems You Can Solve as a Leader Using People Intelligence

No, a robot will not take your job. 

Don’t believe me? Check this tool out:

According to the tool, as a Human Resources Manager, the chance of your job becoming completely automated is only at 32 percent. If you are a business/financial project management professional, your chances are even lower—at 7 percent.

The chance for automation in these positions is so low because, according to BBC, jobs that require people to “Negotiate, Help and Assist others, and Come up with original ideas” are not likely to be automated. All of those skills are used in HR and Management positions.

Now that we’ve got that unrealistic fear of robots out of the way, it’s time for you as an HR leader or manager to lean into cutting edge technology—it’s not going to hurt you. Chances are, you are already dealing with problems that could easily be solved with Business & People Intelligence software. 

Problem 1: You Are Watching Money Go Down the Drain

The company is in a tad bit of trouble—while you are churning out revenue, you aren’t quite where you want to be in terms of profitability, and your sales and marketing metrics are starting to slow. It’s not like you are the only one—US Businesses, on average, lose $550 billion every year due to poor, inefficient practices and management. 

Now picture this: you helped lead the charge to implement a new People Intelligence software platform. The company is thriving more than ever before because you’ve been empowered to identify inefficiencies and drive change management to develop best-in-class optimizations. You’ve also become well-versed in the software and learned a ton of things you wouldn’t even dream of knowing ten years prior—things about operations, people, and management, all rooted in data and fact. Your newly developed skills put your name out there as a leader in adapting to new technology and helping businesses grow. 

Problem 2:Your Employees are Unhappy.

Last year, you onboarded five exceptional employees who immediately added value to the team. However, in the last few months, you've lost three of them to competitors, and two of them don't seem happy—their quality of work has gone down. You've had individual meetings with them, and they seem fine otherwise. But they must not be telling you the whole truth—something is up.

You make a worthy investment and get some software on board. A week after implementing it, you see what's been going on: these two employees have been working way past the standard hours. Using the personalized recommendations a People Intelligence platform could give you, you can make adjustments to these employee's workloads, ensuring a proper work/life balance. You start requiring they take more vacation days and reward them with a gift card for the night on the town. You’re tuned into what’s been going on, and you’ve reset expectations based on your company culture. Soon after these changes go into effect, their quality of work is back to par—and your boss pats you on the back for helping steer them back in the right direction.

Problem 3: Productivity and Output is Nearing Rock Bottom. 

Once upon a time, your company and employees were a machine. Now, productivity is way down, and it seems like every day, there is another problem. You are losing customers, and the ones you have are dissatisfied. Your employees are frustrated, and morale is low.

Then, you implement a People Intelligence platform. With the platform, you can see warning signs that you never would’ve seen on your own. Now, you are getting a ton of data streamed right in front of you in near real time. You take the data and adjust accordingly, and now you have a more productive company. By understanding how each member of the team is getting their work done, and how they prefer to work, you’ll start to see the whole picture and fix inefficiencies. You’ll empower your employees  by removing bottlenecks, which in turn makes your customers happy. Now, who’s winning? Everyone (including you, because you saved the day, duh)! 

Problem 4: You Pay a lot of Money for Tools, But Aren’t Getting the Most Out of Them 

Slack, Zoom, G-Suite—they all serve an excellent purpose, but you can get more from them then you think. For example, you may believe that Alfred, one of your top salesmen, has just been busy, which is why he hasn’t been interacting on Slack. But what if it’s something else?

With a People Intelligence platform, it will notice this pattern of inconsistency with Alfred. Likewise, it may show that Alfred has been spending all of his time answering emails, sitting on calls, and entering notes into the CRM—making jumping in Slack seem like more of a chore than anything else. Together, you work to address those issues, and Alfred is back to his old self.

Problem 5: Your Managers Could be Doing Better. 

Unfortunately, "Learning How to Be a Good Manager/Leader 101" isn't a course offered in most schools, nor is a common investment companies make when promoting internally. The definition of a good manager also varies by company culture, employee personalities, etc. But you've noticed a pattern in exit interviews—people are not happy with their managers.

You don't want to drop those managers entirely. They do good work and generally seem to have the company's and their employees' best interests in mind. Maybe they need a little guidance and a bit more coaching on how to best develop, empower, and uplift their team members. So, you add a People Intelligence platform and encourage your managers to follow the recommendations automatically produced from their team’s data. Now they are making decisions based on data and not just on gut instinct and experience (or lack thereof). Employees are happy, and managers feel a sense of pride, knowing they got everyone back on track, by having their backs. 

Now that you can picture a world with an AI tool that won’t take your job, it’s time to make yourself a new technology leader and take the next step. If you want a platform that can solve all of the problems above, try is mission control for teams, watching customer retention, employee satisfaction, and workflows within your company 24/7/365. We mitigate risks and surface opportunities for growth in real-time, so you can focus on scaling your business and staying true to your company culture. And guess what? You can get started for free

Cue the applause. With technology, you just boosted your employee’s and company’s performance. And a robot doesn’t have your job. 

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