People Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions

People Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions

People Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions

What is People Intelligence (PI)? 

People Intelligence is the combination of strategies and technologies used by organizations for statistical and data-driven analysis of performance, productivity, and business information. People Intelligence platforms can make sense of disparate people-generated data by transforming the information into actionable insights that impact a business’ operations. 

What’s the difference between People Intelligence and Business Intelligence (BI)? 

Both People Intelligence and Business Intelligence offer methodologies for data-interpretation, both with the goal of supporting more efficient and more impactful decision-making and operations. The main difference lies in the types of data being captured, structured, and analyzed—as well as the types of questions you can ask. People Intelligence focuses on the data people are generating in the tools they use to get their work done, focusing on past, present, and predictive trends that can answer questions around performance, productivity, and accountability. Likewise, PI tools tend to detect anomalies and surface insights that were previously unknown. Business Intelligence tools tend to rely on the interpretation of past business data and makes currently known information more valuable.

People Intelligence can be seen as an evolution of Business Intelligence in response to the exponential growth in the complexity and volume of people generated data within the workplace. While BI tools are designed to ingest highly structured data, People Intelligence platforms can automate the structuring and analysis of highly complex, high-speed, multi-structured data sources by leveraging self-learning modeling and algorithms.  

While Business Intelligence platforms can be used for a number of applications across a broad variety of industries, People Intelligence focuses on the data being generated by the people within an organization, specifically pertaining to their goals, performance, tasks, utilization, capacity, balance, and a host of other people focused coefficients.  

What are the benefits of People Intelligence? 

True People Intelligence is still considered a new technology with an increasing level of importance, particularly in the newly remote-enabled world. Businesses face an ever-increasing amount of data and need to capitalize on the enormous volumes of information being generated within the organizations. With the deployment of People Intelligence, businesses gain a comprehensive view of their teams’ data and can translate it into insights about their processes, productivity, and people—empowering better, faster data-driven decision-making.

People Intelligence helps companies aggregate, structure, and analyze historical data, optimize workflows and operations, track performance, and improve decision-making. PI tools can help discover problems and inefficiencies, identify trends in productivity and performance, ensure work/life balance, and even drive new revenue, profitability, and accelerated growth—gaining an advantage over an organization’s competitors. 

What is a People Intelligence platform? 

A People Intelligence platform enables businesses to leverage existing technology architecture to collect, aggregate, structure, and analyze data from tools employees use to perform their duties. The goal is to take the vast amount of data being generated and turn it into something meaningful, easy-to-under-stand, and most importantly actionable.  

The best tools will provide a simple user interface that makes digesting, exploring, and acting upon the data as easy as possible. Likewise, it is essential the platform make it simple to connect to the various tools your teams use—ideally in a matter of a few clicks.  

As artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning (ML) applications become more commonplace, expect platforms to leverage these technologies to empower more organizations to become truly data-driven in their machine learning capabilities. Furthermore, A.I./ML solutions are already providing an expansive level of scale to tasks such as aggregation and analysis, which improves data-driven decision-making capabilities while mitigating the risk of data misinterpretation. 

How can I get started with People Intelligence? 

Peoplelogic, the first People Intelligence platform, helps leaders reimagine the way in which they guide their teams and make decisions. The tool aggregates and analyzes the data from all the tools your teams use in one place—surfacing insights, recommendations, and alerts that keep you from making bad decisions with negative consequences. 

With no analytical or technical resources required, Peoplelogic quickly lets you understand and use your organizational people data like never before. The tool can be used to quantify productivity, benchmark performance, and reduce the risk of inherent biases and data misinterpretation within your management teams.  

Peoplelogic lets you understand how everyone gets work done, not just your top and bottom performers. We’re weaving together comprehensive data from the tools you already use into an insightful and actionable story. 

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