The Future of People Analytics is Here

The Future of People Analytics is Here

Visualize a higher performing team in which you know whatyour people need perhaps even before they voice it. Envision starting each workday with proactive, prescriptive, and actionable insights that ensure you havean accurate pulse on your team. That’s the power of people analytics. That’sthe power of

Acknowledging that 71%of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’ssuccess, focuses on improving the manager and employee experiencewithin your organization. Our platform appliespsychology and machine learning to your data to give you insights once onlyaccessible to big companies. By connecting to the employee’s existingdigital footprint within the organization, monitors and improvesthe employee experience in a way that’s completely frictionless.

Our platform understands you utilize a multitude of tools already. Our seamless integrations with other common platforms pull in data and surface insights so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. curates personalized recommendations based on your employee’s activity. As our platform learns your employee’s personality and how they like to be managed, these recommendations become more intelligent. Our real-time recommendation engine curates suggestions for better managing your team, giving you more time back in your day and taking the guess work out of the management equation.

Picture your engineering and customer support teams beingkept up to date, reminded of ticket volume and touches, and receivingpersonalized recommendations for mitigating risk. When it comes to your salesteam’s productivity, once your sales process maps to your pipeline inSalesforce, nudges you when your team is falling behind on KPIs andprovides personalized recommendations for coaching and developing youremployees. Imagine the power of understanding whether your team members areplanning their days in a balanced way and leaving time for focused work orwhether they’re having enough interactions with people outside their own teamthanks to our Office 365 and Google Suite integrations. By integrating yourdata, you can understand your people and how they work best. takes into account the micro shifts in personalityand employee experience to produce an accurate employee snapshot that'sgrounded in data, allowing to become more intelligent in itsrecommendations and insights. Peoplelogic’s personality profiles evolve as ourplatform learns from an employee’s activity, behavior, and recommendations. Peoplelogic.aileverages The Big 5 Personality Traits to give you insights personalized toeach member of your team. This allows you to manage each individual in apersonalized way . According to Gallup, "almostseven in 10 employees (67%) who strongly agree that their manager focuses ontheir strengths or positive characteristics are engaged. When employeesstrongly disagree with this statement, the percentage of workers who areengaged in their work plummets to 2%.”

Personality traits along with an employee’s daily experience with their manager are critical factors as to whether that employee is likely to succeed and remain at the company over the long run.’s StayFactor™ is a measure of your team’s employee and manager experience. What makes StayFactor™ different from other employee engagement measures?

  • Each StayFactor™ is unique and gets smarter sees more activity from the employee. Every employee at yourcompany has their own experience with their team, their managers, and theirwork.
  • StayFactor™ let’s you see how the employee’sexperience ebbs and flows and what actions have an impact on that experience.
  • Our StayFactor™ Analytics allow you to beproactive about the employee experience and give you an opportunity to have apositive impact.

All of therecommendations you need to better manage your team are at your fingertips.With daily, weekly, and monthly updates straight to your inbox, you’re kept upto date on the activity of your team. Should you wish to dive deeper into theinsights from, our natural language reporting engine makes iteasy to ask questions, dive deeper, and pull additional information about yourpeople. Designed to understand the types of information you seek, our reportingengine helps you along the way by asking helpful questions so you don’t have tocreate complex queries that may seem like cryptic code.

people analytics, performance management, employee experience’s feature-rich people analytics platform helps you carve a path to better data-driven decision making and management. With easy integrations to your current systems, you’re mere weeks away from valuable insights about your people and how to better manage to their strengths. See how can fuel your people analytics journey.


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