8 Best Team Management Tools: Boosting Productivity

8 Best Team Management Tools: Boosting Productivity

77% of high-performing teams are using project management software. If you want to join them, this guide overviews the 8 best team management software to boost productivity. We focus on features, functionalities, pricing, and how selecting the right team members and management software improves effectiveness. The insights will help you decide which ticks all the boxes for your business needs.

Team management tools: selection criteria

  • Team collaboration and project orientation. The finest team management tool is the one allowing team members to work together effortlessly on common tasks, projects, and goals.
  • Task management capabilities. The best platform should offer a variety of capabilities that enable a team member or supervisor to create, allocate, and monitor assignments quickly.
  • User-friendly interface. The standout tool should be easy to find your way around because a user-friendly interface can significantly improve the user experience and increase adoption rates across the team.
  • Communication and information exchange. The platform should include features that make it simple, quick, and straightforward for a team to exchange ideas and information.
  • Cost-to-quality ratio. The tool's cost should align with its features as well as the value it provides.
  • Scalability. As your team grows, the tool should be able to keep up, which means it should handle more people and jobs without degrading performance.

Top 8 team management tools for boosting productivity


team management tool #1 - Plai
Image source: Peoplelogic

Peoplelogic is your team's ultimate performance enhancer. It's more than team management software and a project management tool. It's a platform that fosters a high-performing culture. With its user-friendly interface, real-time support, and comprehensive features, Peoplelogic empowers your employees to reach their full potential. Created with people managers in mind, Peoplelogic is all about managing, scaling, and succeeding.


  • Goal-setting. Align and focus teams with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Performance reviews. Gather feedback and run automated review cycles effortlessly without hundreds of forms and sheets
  • One-on-ones. Schedule regular check-ins to craft meaningful conversations with curated agendas and actionable tasks.
  • Peer-to-peer feedback. Provide regular and constructive peer-to-peer feedback.
  • Growth plans. Help employees set and track personal goals and explore career paths in a fair, transparent environment
  • Praise. Reward excellence and reinforce company culture with public praise, integrated with Slack
  • Employee surveys. Assess and enhance employee engagement with easily scheduled surveys with in-depth analytics
  • Dashboards and analytics. Access integrated reports on employee performance, goals, and engagement to identify trends and decrease attrition.
  • Integrations. Receive real-time updates from Slack/MC Teams. Integrate seamlessly with calendar, HR systems, and identity management providers


  • Peoplelogic provides a platform for managers and executives to access goal setting, performance reviews, one-on-ones, peer-to-peer feedback, growth plans, praise, integrations, employee surveys, dashboards, and analytics capabilities.
  • It offers complimentary onboarding, training on using the system, data migration from other HR systems, and a dedicated customer success manager.
  • Peoplelogic also offers a 14-day free trial for new users, a great chance for people new to performance management software.

How it boosts team productivity?

Peoplelogic is a versatile tool and one of Betterworks competitors that simplifies task and project organization, making management more efficient and freeing time for substantive work. Its robust collaboration features facilitate seamless communication and teamwork, reducing the need for excessive meetings and emails. Furthermore, Peoplelogic's comprehensive reporting capabilities allow managers to easily track project progress, monitor team performance, and assign roles, the aspects Salesforce perceives as crucial for boosting team productivity.


  1. Impact – $399/month ($299 when billed yearly), unlimited users. You get OKRs, 1:1s, 360 reviews, public praise, anonymous feedback, IDPs, and surveys
  2. Optimize – You get everything in Impact, plus organizational intelligence and advanced AI tools
  3. Complete – You get everything in the previous plans, along with people process and technology optimization features

Contact us at support@peoplelogic.ai for the pricing details of Optimize or Complete or if you have any questions.


Team management tool - Range
Image Source: Software Advice

Range is your's daily check-in spot. It replaces standups with async updates and keeps everyone on the same page. It's all about alignment and focus. Range is the performance review software worth considering.


  • Async Check-ins. Range replaces standups with check-ins, allowing team members to share status updates without a video call
  • Meetings and 1:1s. Range helps create intentionality and accountability around meetings with multiplayer agendas, notes, and tools.
  • OKRs and Goals. With Range, you can add goals to async check-ins and meetings to stay aligned as a team. It also allows you to see progress across 75+ tools in one place.
  • Integrations. Range integrates with Slack, MS Teams, and more, breaking down information silos and providing visibility into daily updates and meeting action items.


  • Range allows you to share status updates across the team without a video call, keeping everyone informed about what's happening and how people are doing.
  • It integrates with various workplace tools, providing visibility into daily updates and meeting action items.
  • Range helps facilitate engaging meetings with multiplayer agendas and notes.
  • It allows you to connect team goals to daily work, keeping the team aligned and focused.

How it boosts team productivity?

According to Entrepreneur, effective communication can help increase productivity by 25%. Range is a powerful team management software and collaboration tool that helps achieve that by streamlining updates by replacing traditional standups with asynchronous check-ins. It integrates with various tools, creating a unified hub for all team communications. Furthermore, Range fosters intentionality and accountability during meetings on complex projects, ensuring everyone is aligned and on the same page.


  1. Free – limited plan for 12 users
  2. Pro – $8/user/month. The plan for growing teams
  3. Enterprise – custom pricing. The option for enterprises


Team management tool — Asana
Image Source: Software Advice

Asana is like your team's command center. It is a team management software that organizes work, automates tasks and monitors project progress. It's all about getting things done smoothly and efficiently. Besides, Asana can be used as a project management tool and 360-degree feedback software.


  • Task Management. This task management tool allows managers and employees to create and assign tasks and then monitor progress.
  • Reporting and Visualization. The tool has real-time charts and visual highlights to share status.
  • Project Planning. With Asana, you can plan your projects and set deadlines.
  • Integrations. Asana integrates with Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and more.


  • Asana has different ways to look at tasks — list views, schedules, and boards.
  • The tool lets you assign work, set due dates, and manage the team automatically.
  • The platform gives you a central place to store all your papers, notes, and next steps, ensuring everyone on your team is on the same page.

How it boosts team productivity?

Asana is a tool that makes it easier for teams to organize complicated tasks, which helps businesses reach their goals. It can automate processes, which saves a lot of time and effort. Asana also gives you a clear picture of how your team is doing and how much work they have, so you can spot problems and ensure tasks stay on track.


  1. Personal – Free. For individuals and small teams
  2. Starter – $10.99/user/month. For growing teams
  3. Advanced – $24.99/user/month. For big companies with many departments


Team management tool - Trello
Image Source: Trello

Trello is like your team's visual organizer. It automates tasks, integrates with tons of apps, and uses project templates made for success. It's all about making using project management software a breeze. And with its intuitive interface, it's easy for anyone on your team to jump in and start using it.


  • Views. View your team’s projects from every angle.
  • Automation. Automate tasks and workflows with Butler automation.
  • Templates. Give your team a blueprint for success with easy-to-use templates from industry leaders and the Trello community.
  • Integrations. Connect with more than 200+ apps and tools your team depends on, like Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, and more directly into your Trello boards.


  • Trello enables task assignments and due dates set for effective employee management.
  • With its iOS and Android apps, you can access Trello on the go, and its desktop app allows easy access from your computer.
  • It offers unlimited activity logs for complete transparency of your board activities.
  • For added security, Trello provides 2-factor authentication to protect your account.

How it boosts team productivity?

Trello's features and functionalities boost project managers and team productivity by providing a platform where teams can organize their work, automate, and integrate with other tools. This helps teams manage multiple projects more efficiently, keep track of their progress, and collaborate more effectively.


  1. Free – basic option for teams on a budget
  2. Standard – $5/user/month. For small teams
  3. Premium – $10/user/month. For teams working on multiple projects
  4. Enterprise – $17.50/user/month. For big organizations


Team management tool - ClickUp
Image Source: Software Advice

ClickUp is your team's productivity booster. It simplifies tasks, encourages collaboration file sharing, and provides insightful reports. It's all about working smarter, not harder. And with its customizable views and fields, you can tailor it to fit your every team member's unique workflow.


  • Custom Fields. Create and personalize workflows to align them with team and company objectives.
  • Docs. Create, share, and collaborate on documents in real-time and with numerous team members at once.
  • Goals. Keep track of goals, objectives, and target you set for your teams.
  • Dashboards. Monitor and analyze your team's performance via visually appealing and informative dashboards.
  • Integrations. Connect with apps and services like Slack, GitHub, HubSpot, Toggl, Harvest, etc.


  • ClickUp provides goal management features, allowing task assignment, priority setting, and progress tracking for efficient workflow.
  • It offers time management capabilities, enabling time tracking, thus showing how much time was spent on tasks and projects for improved productivity.
  • ClickUp generates detailed reports on tasks, projects, and team performance, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

How it boosts team productivity?

ClickUp is a handy tool that makes organizing tasks and projects a breeze, saving you time for the important stuff. It's excellent for team communication and working together, cutting down on endless meetings and emails. This is particularly important considering the adverse impact of email overload, as indicated by Forbes. Plus, with ClickUp's detailed reports, you can keep an eye on how your projects are going, see how your team is doing, and find out where you can do better.

  1. Free Forever – for personal use
  2. Unlimited – $7/user/month. For small teams
  3. Business – $12/user/month. For mid-sized businesses
  4. Enterprise – Custom pricing. For large teams/enterprises


Image source: G2

HiBob is a powerful HR platform that provides analytics, workforce planning, time tracking, and performance review tools. It also helps you improve your onboarding process. HiBob is easy to use and you can connect it to various other systems.

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  • Core HR. Create HR documentation, automate processes, visualize data, and create reports.
  • People Analytics. Track HR-related KPIs and analyze data.
  • Payroll Hub. Manage payrolls through a dashboard connected to your payroll processing system.
  • Surveys. Keep a finger on the pulse and collect valuable feedback via powerful and easy-to-use surveys.
  • Your Voice. Offer your people a way to report problems and concerns without fear.
  • Integrations. Connect to other tools and systems such as Carta, Capdesk, 15Five, Carta, Deel, Comeet, etc.


  • HiBob allows your employees to track their hours worked with an easy-to-use system – they can simply click buttons to clock in and out.
  • The solution allows you to build hiring strategies based on hard analytical data.
  • You can help new hires take their first steps in your company.
  • You can manage compensation and bonuses based on feedback, performance reviews, etc.
  • HiBob allows you to track your employees’ vacation days, PTOs, sick leaves, etc.
  • The solution also lets you set goals, run performance reviews, and create development plans.

How it boosts team productivity?

HiBob helps you manage and organize tasks in a transparent way and provides tools you can use to optimize your teams’ performance and guide them in their growth. Moreover, integrations with other technologies make communication a breeze, so everyone stays on the same page.


HiBob doesn’t present pricing details on the website.


Image source: G2

Lattice is a performance management platform with a keen focus on people management. It provides plenty of useful features such as goal tracking, 1-on-1s, compensation management, etc. 

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  • OKRs & Goals. Identify and set goals for various members of your team, align interests, define OKRs.
  • Compensation. Reward employees who truly deserve it and excel at their jobs.
  • Performance. Run 1:1 meets to offer your people valuable feedback and praise and optimize their performance.
  • Grow. Help your team members discover and develop new skills and competencies.


  • Lattice provides AI enhancements that help you understand your employees better and drive performance. You can generate onboarding videos, create review summarizations and growth plans, and much more.
  • Lattice Pulse lets you track employee engagement and identify areas you can improve in to keep your people happy and in good spirits.
  • The platform helps you analyze workforce-related data to provide managers with real-time insights.

How it boosts team productivity?

Lattice allows you to set clear goals for the entire team, helps you boost your employees’ competencies and provides tools you can use to improve engagement. All of these things have a very positive impact on productivity.


  1. Performance Management + OKRs & Goals – $11/user/month
  2. Engagement – $4/user/month
  3. Grow – $4/user/month
  4. Compensation – $6/user/month


Image source: G2

15Five is a performance management platform for HR leaders. It provides tools that allow you to optimize performance and engagement, collect and request feedback, manage compensations, and help your employees communicate more effectively.

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  • OKRs and Goals. Specify goals and set OKRs for your team. Track progress to facilitate better communication.
  • Engagement Assessments. Optimize employee retention and identify issues thanks to insightful assessments.
  • Compensation. Create a transparent link between performance and pay to keep the best people in the company.
  • Performance Reviews. Set up review cycles and standardize the review process the get better results.
  • SparkAI. Access an AI assistant created for HR leaders to allow them to offer AI-synthesized feedback and reviews and help them with other tasks.
  • 1-on-1s agenda. Create organized agendas to improve your 1:1 meetings.
  • Weekly check-ins. Keep a finger on your company’s pulse via weekly check-ins.
  • Employee recognition. Provide your team tools that allow them to offer praise and recognition to their co-workers.


  • 15Five lets you request and offer feedback in real time. Employees can choose the kind of feedback they need (constructive, positive, or both).
  • The platform helps you define roles within the company.
  • 15Five provides tools that let you discover strengths, build career paths, and train and coach managers and the entire team.

How it boosts team productivity?

15Five helps you boost engagement via insightful assessments and provides employee recognition and performance review tools. Better performance and engagement usually equal higher productivity. You can also conduct weekly check-ins to monitor progress and better structure 1:1 agendas.


  1. Engage – $4/user/month
  2. Perform – $10/user/month
  3. Total Platform – $16/user/month
  4. Transform – $99/manager/month

Team & project management tools: comparison table

Tool nameFeaturesBest forHow it boosts team productivityPricing
PlaiGoal setting
Performance reviews
Peer-to-peer feedback
Growth plans
Employee surveys
Dashboards and analytics
people managers
and team leaders.
Simplifies task management, facilitates communication, monitors team performance.Starter at $2.4/user/month
RangeAsync Check-ins
Meetings and 1:1s
OKRs and Goals
Teams that need to share status updates without a video call and stay aligned.Replaces stand-ups, unifies team communication, fosters accountability.Pro at $8/user/month

Enterprise with custom pricing
AsanaTask Management
Reporting and Visualization
Project Planning
Teams that need to manage work and plan projects.Simplifies complex tasks, automates processes and tracks progress.Basic at $0/user/month

Premium at $10.99/user/month

Business at $24.99/user/month
Teams that need to organize any project and scale collaboration.Manages multiple projects, tracks progress, and improves collaboration.Standard at $5/user/month

Premium at $10/user/month

Enterprise at $17.50/user/month
ClickUpCustom Fields
Teams that need to manage tasks, track time, collaborate, and generate reports.Improves team communication, provides detailed reports, and identifies areas of improvement.Unlimited at $5/user/month

Business at $12/user/month

Business Plus at $19/user/month

Enterprise with custom pricing


There are many good team management tools. They often focus on slightly different areas, but most will allow you to achieve good results. However, if you need a comprehensive platform that checks all the boxes, we advise you to look at Peoplelogic with its powerful features and great cost-to-value ratio. It handles everything from engagement to performance management, making it a standout choice for businesses out there.

Ready to see why Peoplelogic is making waves in the team management market? Sign up today and discover the difference it can make in your team's productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

Team management tools: FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions related to team management software solutions.

What is a team management tool?

It’s a system created to assist managers in coordinating remote teams and tasks, optimizing performance and retention, and improving communication, efficiency, and productivity.

What is the best work management tool?

There are many options you can consider, such as Peoplelogic, 15Five, Lattice, BambooHR, ClickUp, or Asana.

How to do team management?

Defining clear values, goals, and metrics for success is essential. Managers should also lead by example and constantly develop their team management skills, facilitate transparent communication, offer constructive feedback, and praise and reward big achievements. Positive team culture plays an important role, too.

How do you track team progress?

You can use specialized software that will allow team members to track and report time and progress. You can create clear goals and milestones for your team to achieve and conduct weekly check-ins to stay informed.

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