Chapter Seven: Conclusion

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Goal setting is an important part of running a business, and it takes time an effort to master. Don’t try to make it perfect from the first quarter. Try, make mistakes, conduct retrospectives, learn from your mistakes and improve/adjust with every cycle. 

Keep in mind that polishing an effective OKR process might take several quarters. Don’t be discouraged after the first mistakes. 

Once the “Aha” moment comes to you and your team feels all the benefits of OKRs, it will become a fun and interesting regular habit of your team! 

Here is some recommended reading about OKRs you might want to review:

  1. Measure What Matters”, John Doerr
  2. Radical Focus”, Christina Wodtke
  3. How Google Works”, Eric Schmidt
  4. Work Rules”, Laszlo Bock

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