The Last Mile of People Intelligence

The Last Mile of People Intelligence

Imagine being a kindergarten teacher. You’ve got 20-30 kids, all smart and unique in their way. And then you have a bunch of state-mandated curriculum. You’ve got to make the curriculum work for every student in a way they can learn it, and you don’t have any help—it’s too expensive for the district to hire an assistant for you.

Many businesses face a similar scenario, but instead of teaching math and reading to a group of five-year-olds, they face a similar challenge teaching data expertise to their employees. Most companies are aware that they have a ton of valuable data, but they don’t have the resources to make anything out of it. And as the team grows, the more business intelligence and data specialists they need. 

Kindergarten teachers can’t “automate” teaching students and the curriculum in an easy way. But businesses can automate the analysis of their data and make it accessible, and actionable, for all managers and employees. 

Let’s go through a few common scenarios you may be experiencing.

Scenario One: You are Having a Tough Time Making Decisions, Big or Small. 

The data from the employee engagement survey you sent out weeks ago has been sitting on your desk for way too long now. Employees are probably wondering why you sent it out in the first place. The truth is, you’ve had a difficult time trying to make sense of it. It’s just you (and you aren’t a data scientist). You need to make decisions, from small things such as reward systems to big items such as benefits. If you were to use a people intelligence platform like Peoplelogic, you could save yourself the headache and view your employee’s engagement using the data automatically being generated in the tools they use to get their work done. Instead of relying on data from a point-in-time, you can have real-time insight into how engaged your teammates are. You could even see their customized StayFactor™  score with a click of a button. Wouldn’t it be nice to forget the hassle of sorting through survey data that’s out of date by the time you get around to it? 

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Scenario Two: You Have No Clue What Else You Can Do For Your Managers. 

You’ve all gone through all the training, attended conferences, and shared that knowledge with your managers—yet they keep running into problems that you don’t quite know how to solve without impartial judgment. And last year’s management training course seemed hit or miss, and was way too expensive to justify again this year. Meanwhile, your managers teams are over there using Slack, Trello, Salesforce, and many other tools to coach, develop, and lead their teams. With an automated people intelligence platform, you could show your managers an analyzed and easily understandable version of data tied together from all of those platforms—empowering them to deal with roadblocks and bottlenecks in real time.

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Scenario Three: Your Team Is Not Centralized, and You Can’t Get a Good Read of People via Video Chat. 

Unfortunately, we can't all be mind readers. 

Remote work was already becoming way more common, even before the world got crushed with a global pandemic. And let's face it—it's much easier to get a read on someone or see how they are doing when you see them daily in an office.  The tools you are already using are already generating a ton of data to help you become a better manager, even to employees you've never met face-to-face. You need someone to dig through it, structure it, and analyze it—that’s exactly what we automate. 

Scenario Four: You Think You Know Your Sales Team, But You Don’t.

CRM tools are indeed a gift, and while their usability has improved dramatically throughout the years, they are still a lot to take in and take a lot of time and effort to keep the data clean. Sales teams are the driving force of a company—without them, there would be no customers. Unfortunately, CRM's often don't tell the whole story of a Sales team. Lucky for you, with Peoplelogic, you can see how long your employees are spending on what tasks (and figure out how to reduce the time to close!) and also learn how you can improve their experience, and in turn, your customer's experience. 

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Scenario Five: Your Employees are Miserable, And You Have No Idea. 

It’s hard to be the perfect manager. You don’t want to micromanage, but you don’t want your employees to feel left in the dark or overwhelmed. So turn to a simple solution, where you can get actionable recommendations for you and your employees to keep them balanced and engaged with their work and co-workers. You can also see where skills are lacking when thinking about new hires, and see what kind of employee traits boost performance, processes, and productivity. 

The truth is, the last mile in people intelligence and analytics is the hardest, which is why even large companies have had a hard time figuring it out. But everyone knows the old saying: “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. is mission control for teams, watching customer retention, employee satisfaction, and workflows within your company 24/7/365. We mitigate risks and surface opportunities for growth in real-time, so you can focus on scaling your business and staying true to your company culture. And guess what? You can get started for free

Also, thank your local kindergarten teacher.

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