The Ultimate Guide to People Intelligence Platforms

The Ultimate Guide to People Intelligence Platforms

You may have heard of People Intelligence platforms—albeit these solutions you may have encountered focused very much on the pre-hire stages of your employee experience versus the day-to-day post-hire segment of their experience. People Intelligence can be defined as the combination of strategies and technologies used by organizations for statistical and data-driven analysis of performance, productivity, and business information. People Intelligence platforms can make sense of disparate people-generated data by transforming the information into actionable insights that impact a business’ operations. 

It starts with data. 

The main requirement for implementing a true People Intelligence platform is the ownership and access to data. Fortunately, companies across almost every single industry are producing more data than ever before. Teams are generating data, people themselves generate data, even the cloud-enabled tools within an organization are producing and capturing invaluable data. 

For example, our platform automatically aggregates, normalizes, structures, and analyzes disparate data from the tools your teams use to get work done. We’re not generating any new information or data, but making the data your colleagues are already producing and making it understandable and actionable. Within a few clicks you can connect Peoplelogic to Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, and a host of other integrations

We pull completely unstructured data and generate insights and recommendations without any analytical, technical, or human interaction.  

People Intelligence platforms have many different use cases. 

While People Intelligence software can be useful wherever there is a need to understand people generated data, some of the most common implementations include: 

  • Understanding workflows within an organization—particularly where bottlenecks exist 
  • Reporting on the capacity, utilization, and burnout risk of Customer Support Representatives 
  • Optimizing Sales processes by painting a more comprehensive picture of how deals get closed (not solely relying on CRM data/dashboards) 
  • How to reduce regrettable attrition and keep employees happy, engaged, and productive 
  • Augmenting managers with real-time recommendations that can help them understand their teammates on a deeper level and deliver a superior employee experience 

Recommendations that are derived from your team’s data are as unique as the makeup of your team. With a People Intelligence platform, you don’t need to invest heavily in expensive technical resource which may or may not include data lakes, analyst teams, and data scientists. For more information on potential use cases, check out our user stories or People Intelligence FAQ.  

Why invest in a people intelligence platform? 

Improving Management at Scale 

An employee’s experience at your organization starts and stops with their manager. In many cases, often the majority, an employee will choose to leave a company based on this interaction and how positive, or unfortunately, how negative these interactions were. Some managers are better than others. In some cases, managers may have received additional training to overcome the challenges associated with people management, but often our first line of middle management were internal promotions of our top performers. This is a good cycle, but it’s essential these managers be equipped with a tool that can help guide and inform them on decision-making using unbiased data, not gut feel.  

With a tool like Peoplelogic, managers can augment their expertise and skillset by making sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. Is Sarah burning the candles at both ends but not telling her manager that she feels burnt out? Peoplelogic can discover that. Does Jeff have enough time blocked on his calendar to focus on innovation? Peoplelogic can make sure he does. As a manager—you’ll receive insights and recommendations that get more refined over time, based on the feedback you provide and the actions that you take. 

Drive Data-Driven Decision Making by Making Data Understandable and Insightful 

There’s been a HUGE jump in the roles that interact with a ton of data on a daily basis. This is both good and bad. While data provides the foundation for unbiased and statistically significant analysis, expecting every member of your organization to interact with, analyze, and understand data in a meaningful way is just unrealistic. This is exactly why large organizations deploy an army of data analysts and scientists, along with visualization, storage, and aggregation tools. 

While data, charts, graphs, and reports are useful for depicting the health of a business, the massive amount of information presented can overwhelm the consumers who aren’t data experts on the specific information they are looking at. With tons of information to parse through, it’s hard for the average person to know exactly what is important and what they should be doing about it. Allowing this type of misinterpretation, which typically occurs in silence, to exist within your organization will lead to a lack of data engagement which then tends to lead to poor decision-making that is biased and based on feeling rather than truth.  

Furthermore, expecting your managers to accurately summarize and explain key insights that exists in these massive, unstructured data sets not only is ill-informed, but why have your managers spend their precious time attempting to make sense of the data when a platform like Peoplelogic can automate the entire process? 

A true People Intelligence platform will convey expert-level analysis, insights, and recommendations in concise, understandable, and actionable terms—regardless of a user’s data expertise. 

Get Started with People Intelligence 

Historically speaking, a deployment of such a powerful solution would take several months of work by technical experts—including developers, data analysts, and data scientists. These black box type solutions are insanely expensive, take a long time to achieve an ROI, and aren’t scalable. Each application area requires an entirely new implementation. You may not even have useable data for several months. 

Today, a tool like can be setup, connected, and aggregating data in a matter of minutes with a few clicks. With a number of out of the box integrations, users can simply get started, import their team, connect their integrations, and they are off to the races. The platform will start to ingest, structure, and analyze the data immediately, offering helpful insights and recommendations for managers and executives that can drastically improve the employee experience, improve performance, and help leaders understand and optimize how work gets done.  

Get started with with a 30-day free trial, or schedule a demo with our team to learn more about what a People Intelligence platform can do for your team or company.  


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